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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. We must all do more to help stop this western corporate arrogance that puts the future generations lives in despair. @BruceKGagnon

Friday, June 10, 2022

Voices in the bleachers


 Here are some random comments that made some sense to me when I ran across them on social media. 


  • It hopefully will prove much harder in the future for the U.S. to attract proxies to do its' dirty work. The U.S. recruitment and then betrayal of Ukraine will stand for years and years as a sign post of all the reasons not to be a patsy of the (former) empire.
  • It is the fear of telling the public hard truths the politicians do not want you to hear.
  • The NYT is right back to the conduct of the Judy Miller era, doing shameless stenography for the Washington blob. According to this latest nonsense, we are supposed to believe that the U.S. military and intel agencies, who have been working in close cooperation with the Ukrainian armed forces, have no clue as to what is happening - this despite continuous real-time, high-tech, airborne and satellite surveillance that sees everything on the battlefield and monitoring of Ukrainian and Russian communications.
  • If you want the date the 'deep state' at least publicly took power, I suggest Nov 23, 1963, with the location being Daley Plaza in Dallas Texas. I'd imagine they held power behind the scenes back into World War II. But their public assumption of power occurred in Daley Plaza. I happened to go look for the last US President with large public approval. The answer was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who averaged an 'approval rating' of 70% in polls during his shortened term. Can anyone imagine a President with 70% approval these days? In a democracy, should it be possible to even have Presidents with low approval? 
In 1910, a group of six people who represented 25% of the world’s wealth met at Jekyll Island to discuss creating a central bank. The five goals they set for themselves were: stop new banks from threatening their business; obtain the right to create money out of nothing; get control over all banks’ reserves so that reckless ones wouldn’t be exposed and cause panic in other banks; convince Congress that this was done for public good; and have taxpayers pay any losses incurred by this bank.
  • I think that in the long run all thinking Ukrainians (of whom I am sure there are very many) will realize how they have been used by the west. With much bloodshed incurred. There is a possibility that the new reduced Ukraine will end up as an ally of Russia. Eventually. Perhaps Chechnya will be an inspiration. Ukraine does not have a command structure. They have little control over Azov and the militias. Z is busy dealing with Us and UK puppet masters and his Generals are isolated. As the s''' hits the fan Z will blame Generals and want to arrest and execute. Generals will want to get retaliation in first and arrest Z. 
  • I fully expect an almost exact repeat of the Ukraine debacle in Taiwan. Before the next U.S. Presidential election, the Neocon idiots in the Biden administration will deliberately or accidentally trigger a proxy war with China, which the U.S. will lose. Until the toxic Neocon ideology of the Washington Blob is exorcised, the U.S. will face an unending series of foreign policy disasters.
  • Sandra Ramírez, a senator for the opposition Commons Party, said: “Colombia as an extra ally of NATO does not benefit us at all. On the contrary, we join their interventionist and war policies. In addition, it goes against sovereignty, which in the end is the voice of the majority of Colombians, and which is anchored to the self-determination of the peoples.”
the usa and west for that matter - don't do accountability and they don't take ownership when things go wrong.. taking responsibility is the act of an adult, and there are no adults in the room when it comes to all this on the usa and poodles side... just harsh gestures and sending innocent people into a death spiral, while supporting nazi types and fascists - that is what the west does.... forget about anyone taking responsibility here, let alone there being any accountability.... blame is the name of the game.

  • The Ukies are putting teenage boys in uniform. I’ve seen some videos of kids with weapons who look like they’re 14… so, maybe they’re late-developed 16-year olds, but most certainly not 18. Right Sector & Aydar battalions: utterly destroyed as combat formations. Azov regiment: 80% destroyed. remaining personnel from Kiev companies spread throughout UFA companies to act “backstops” to shoot any draftees who try to retreat. Remainder of Ukie full time army: mostly gone. 60% minimum attrition. Some units 100%. Reserve units: mostly wrecked. 50%~70% attrition rates. Backfilled with draftees.
  • NATO could easily use the Western portion [of Ukraine] to become a political terrorist state and keep dumping weapons in to it to never end the war with Russia. This is what any long term ‘Neutral’ state looks like an everlasting proxy war.
  • Ukraine had 30 decades to get its shit together, but it pissed away its potential and time on corrupt bull crap and reviving nazism. And most of the people who left ukraine left not because they were in danger, but to avoid conscription. And from the looks of it, those ukrainians are also well off.
  • “This is actually a conflict between altruism and selfishness.” I’ve long been a critic of neo-Darwinism, which has presented evolutionary progress as a story of the benefits that flow from selfishness. The effort they put into their propaganda has been extraordinary, and very successful, in the process sidelining cooperation as being irrelevant to evolution when in fact it is the driver. Humankind would not have survived tens of thousands of years if we did not have capacities for mutual aid, solidarity and cooperation. Humans are born social, they are not determined by a competition where the best wins. Besides, the best would have died very quickly if he had won against the others!? We can say that competition is a violence against human nature. 
  • The US is hostage to the “war industry”. As long as they are standing, there will always be (many) wars.
  • Lavrov uses the word “demons” in referring to the forces currently at work within Europe. We need to understand that Lavrov uses this word deliberately and means exactly what he says. 
  • I think Lavrov might be using it in the Socratic sense of “Daimonion”, thus he means ”an Inner voice as personal divine guide”. I think he means that the EU are listening too intently to the US and it is the influence of the US that needs to be driven out of Europe.
  • When the American Army annihilated Native Americans, it insisted that the survivors wear English clothing, live in English houses and teach English in their schools. The great Sioux warrior, Sitting Bull, lived in a wooden shack at the end of his days, his buckskins and feathers buried for safekeeping.


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