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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Nazis shell maternity hospital in Donbass



◾Vishnevsky Maternity Hospital of Donetsk received a direct strike by Ukrainian Terrorist Forces on Monday 13 of June. 
◾Full report, doctors and patients testimonies: 
◾The shell hit the roof over the maternity ward. Fortunately, there were no patients there at the time of the attack. 
◾The Hospital suspended work due to serious damage after the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
◾As Anna Zheleznaya, deputy general director of the Donetsk Republican Center for the Protection of Motherhood and Childhood, said, women in labor are evacuated, and those of them who are possibly will be discharged. 
◾After the shell hit right in the Hospital, 222 people, including 35 newborns, remained in the basement until the morning - they sat on benches, chairs, and lay on mattresses. 
◾According to obstetrician-gynecologist Valeria Goncharova, no one panicked. At least outwardly. ◾"Both gynecology and intensive care have been bombed"… a young female doctor can't hold back her tears, she is terrified.  


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