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Monday, August 13, 2018

Aerospace industry 'space farce'

Will Griffin's latest video does a superb job of reviewing background of US military space operations and shares where the aerospace industry is trying to take us in the years to come.

Griffin is on the board of the Global Network and is an Iraq and Afghanistan Army veteran.  He's also active in Veterans For Peace.

Please help spread this video around - particularly as we build-up to Keep Space for Peace Week - October 6-13.

Two trains are now on a collision course - one is called human progress on our Mother Earth and the other is called the 'Space Farce'.

Please do what you can to help derail this insane idea to move the arms race into the heavens.


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Two of the better analysts out there.....

Mr. Big is losing his battle to turn us all into slaves - high-tech feudalism.  Hollywood has been showing us the future for years - wearing the spirit of the public down so they will surrender to corporate control.

One of the few things we have available to deal with our technological caging is ironically the Internet.  The crackdown to take that away from us has begun.  This video delves into this important element in the battle for control of the public mind.

Our rights to think and communicate are under assault.  It's really that stark now - we are here.....and the moment is a defining one.

Stay close to each other - don't be afraid - listen to one another as Mr. Big tries to split us apart.  Love one another but remain real and speak what is true.  We need more voices now.


Sunday Song

Saturday, August 11, 2018

We must stop the war march into space

Friday, August 10, 2018

Pence: "We must have American dominance in space"

I've been working on space warfare issues since 1983.  At that time I lived in Orlando, Florida (one hour from the space center) and it was easy to pay attention when Ronald Reagan announced Star Wars - SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative).  It's never been about defense.

The US space program was essentially created by the former Nazi rocket scientists brought over to the US after Hitler was defeated.  Much of the heavy lifting to defeat Hitler was done by the Soviet Union which lost 27 million people during the Nazi invasion.

Cut away to 1997 and the US Space Command document entitled 'Vision for 2020' maintained that America would 'control space, dominant space, and deny other nations the use of space'.  The US would be the 'Master of Space'.

Space Command headquarters at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs

The idea that the US must dominate space is arrogant, stupid, dangerous and highly destabilizing to world peace.  Admittedly it is a major opportunity for maximum profits for the aerospace industry and the Trump/Pence 'space force' proposal is largely being driven by that factor.  They've long said at the Pentagon that Star Wars would be the largest industrial project in human history.

So we've now reached this crisis moment where the expansion of warfare into space is being dramatically promoted and there must be an immediate  counter-reaction by the peace loving people around the world.

One opportunity we have is the October 6-13 Keep Space for Peace Week that the Global Network annually organizes as a way to increase education and action around this important issue.  We urge local groups and concerned citizens to help put together protests and educational meetings during that week.  Find our space week poster here.

We have a good selection of space videos and documentary films available on the Global Network web site which can be used during space week.  Find them here. 

The aerospace industry is targeting human needs programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for dramatic cutbacks in order to move those funds into the proposed space force.  We cannot let them get away with that.

Help us say - space force - NO!  Human needs and deal with climate change - YES!


Czech Senator: Ukrainian Fascists Took Control of Major Cities

The Czech senator Jaroslav Doubrava compared Ukraine to a black hole and said that he doesn’t want to visit the country until its government is replaced.

In an interview to the “Parlamentni Listy” publication the senator noted that Ukrainian oligarchs continue fight for financial flows, and all money sent to Kiev as financial aid literally “falls into a black hole”. At the same time, it will hardly be possible to return them.

    “In Ukraine there is a high level of poverty among the population. Oligarchs dominating in a mafia is a reality in Ukraine. And, unfortunately, this also concerns us, since many Ukrainians come here in order to earn money to support their family,” said the politician.

He also noted that nobody in the West cares about the fact that in 2014 a rigid coup d’etat took place in Ukraine, because of which thousands of people were killed, and now fascist trends are observed in the country. The senator is sure that western countries only pursue their own interests in Ukraine.

    “Fascist trends are obvious. The periphery there, probably, also doesn’t suspect what is happening, and fascists have already placed big cities under their control. I don’t want to visit Ukraine under the present government, I don’t want to walk the same streets where fascists, who shout out nasty things, stride,” added the Czech politician.

In addition, Doubrava noted that he has visited Crimea three times already, and every time Kiev protested and issued threats because of an allegedly “illegal visit to the territory of Ukraine”, he personally wrote to Ukrainian representatives and said that he visited the territory of the Russian Federation.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Why won't the U.S. leave Afghanistan?

Peace talks between the US and the Taliban have been taking place secretly since November. Former US Army Colonel Chris Kolenda and former US Ambassador Robin Raphel have been speaking with their Taliban counterparts in a series of meetings that have taken place in Doha, Qatar.

Former US Army paratrooper and Afghanistan and Iraq war veteran Will Griffin discusses the bigger picture.  Will also serves on the Global Network's board.

Stories from teaching peace.....

Doug Rawlings talks about Peace Studies and shares stories from teaching the subject at the University of Maine-Farmington (UMF).

Doug is a Vietnam war artillery veteran and was one of the original founders of Veterans For Peace that got started in Maine in 1985.

He was interviewed during last weekends Peace Fair organized by PeaceWorks in Brunswick, Maine.

What did they talk about?

Making sense of Russiagate

Watch Part 4 of Paul Jay and Aaron Mate’s interactive discussion with viewers about the controversy over Trump’s visit to Helsinki.

This is a very relevant and important discussion being led by Mate during recent weeks on the Real News.  Thanks to them for this courageous questioning of the corporate brainwashing process. Few are willing to challenge authority - while it is more necessary than ever.