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Friday, June 10, 2022

Update from Hungarian Community for Peace


NATO is not an indispensable condition for Hungary 's peace

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szíjjártó avoided the discussion initiated by the Hungarian Community for Peace (HCFP) in order to strengthen Hungary's sovereignty against those who want to turn Hungary against Russia at all costs and endanger our peace, said Endre Simó, president of the HCFP in a statement on Wednesday.

In a letter dated 31 May, the head of the Community for Peace, which is supporting the government's policy of opening up to the east, wrote to the head of Hungarian diplomacy that people want no one, for whatever reason and under any pretext, to force Hungary into war, and we would take a neutral stance on the conflict in Ukraine and act accordingly.

The Hungarian Community for Peace believes that the Orbán government is in great need of the active support of the peace-loving Hungarian people In the midst of the political maneuvering known as the “double Kállay dance of our time”. The mistake that Horthy’s Hungary made in 1943 during World War II when we missed the opportunity for a compromise with the Soviets, with all its consequences, turning our country into a war zone and confirming the Peace Treaty of Trianon must not be repeated.

It is impossible to maneuver indefinitely between an allied obligation and a national advocacy! We have an interest in living and developing in peace and in making Hungary prosper! The contradiction between opening to the East and western holding Hungary back from that must be dissolved. The key to this is national cooperation for peaceful, mutually beneficial cooperation with both East and West. We want to achieve this with or without Mr. Szíjjártó – president of HCP writes.

According to Simó, NATO is not an indispensable condition for the peace of our country. The peace of our country must not be subordinated to allied considerations, interests alien to our national interests.

We wanted to tell the Foreign Minister outright that it is unacceptable for us that Hungarian policy considers the support of President Zelensky to be more important than the right of self-determination of Hungarians in Transcarpathia. And this contributes to Kyiv's ability to use Hungarian men in Transcarpathia against the Russians as cannon fodders. We would like the Hungarian government not to allow our NATO allies to send weapons to the Ukrainian army through Transcarpathia, thereby endangering the lives of the people of Transcarpathia and the security of our country.

Simó finally announces that the Hungarian Community for Peace will do its job without the government, although there is no doubt that the country's sovereignty could and should be strengthened by relying on peace-loving Hungarians against those who, like Ukraine, would be willing to use Eastern Europe, including Hungary, as a shield to defend and maintain American hegemony.

Budapest, 8th June 2022


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