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Monday, June 27, 2022

'The NATO summit is the key thing'



By Kiji Noh (Veteran living in California)

The G7 meeting is happening right now at an Elite Spa in the Bavaria Alps, Schloss Elmau, the Nazi Esalen.

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, US are pampering themselves without ties, while pretending to solve the world's problems.
War, hunger, fuel, global warming, supply chains, the future of Europe, and of course, China.

 My predictions:

  • Continued anti-China bashing/blaming/band-waggoning

“We encourage China to support, in line with international law, the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine and the integrity of its internationally recognized borders and to resolutely urge Russia to stop its military aggression against Ukraine,” the G7 statement read.
The world's wealthiest democracies on Sunday announced a $600 billion global infrastructure initiative to counter China’s BRI
This is the 2nd or 3rd time they've done this, so it's not working out so well.  This is a recycling of earlier ineffective initiatives: BBBW & the EU's Global Gateway program

  • But there is uncertainty how hard to overtly confront China, due to economic concerns, esp. after botched sanctions on Russia:

When leaders from the G7 group of leading developed economies gather in the Bavarian Alps on Sunday, they will have very different visions of how hard to confront China just as the world seems to be tipping into a major economic crisis.

  • But there will be continued commitment to continue the war in Ukraine, despite the cost and foolishness.  

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine now entering its fifth month, the G7 countries said they would “continue to coordinate efforts to meet Ukraine’s urgent requirements for military and defence equipment” and “provide Ukraine with the material, training and logistic, intelligence, and economic support to build up its armed forces.” They also vowed to expand cooperation on intelligence and information sharing, but the statement did not give more specifics on what further military or intelligence support would be provided.
And a big show of support for Zelenski, who is expected to make a virtual showing.  

  • But most of all, the G7 is just a socializer, an appetizer/cocktails to the real deal, the plat de resistance.  The NATO summit is the key thing.  

Part of the agenda is to get everyone on the same page, to counter centrifugal forces and enforce "unity", and to prepare and rehearse the choir on the real declarations at the NATO summit (and to overcome any resistance 
-NATO will increase its rapid reaction force 8 fold to 300K troops.
-Japan, NZ, SK, Oz will join the summit:we are looking at the beginnings of a defacto Asian NATO: Japan is remilitarizing, SK is readying for war with China,
-SK is joining US & NATO cyberwarfare exercises
-NATO is likely to declare hostilities with China, albeit couched in coded, ambiguous language.  Western Supremacy is still a thing.

  • Note the Culinary Apartheid in a Protestor-free zone:

Also, the G-7 is an elite, plutocratic white boys (and girls) club.  
This year they also invited India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, Indonesia’s Joko Widodo, Argentina’s Alberto Fernández, African Union President Macky Sall, but they didn't even make the high table.  
The invitees will not join the real G-7 for Sunday dinner but will have a nice children's high tea with biscuits and sandwiches, hosted by the Bavarian governor.
Also, like Davos, it is completely restricted from access by the press or the people.  
18,000 riot police are restricting access--it is only accessible by military helicopter.  So much for democracy.

But the meals are vegan/vegetarian, so you know they are serious* about solving global warming.

(*meat and fish on demand, so maybe even the tokenism is not serious after all)


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