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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. We must all do more to help stop this western corporate arrogance that puts the future generations lives in despair. @BruceKGagnon

Friday, October 31, 2008


Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am trying hard to stay serene. It's not easy. The tensions are mounting on the left. The pressure is building. The words are flying. Get in line people say. Do as we do, do as we say, follow the crowd, we know what is best.

I've never been a good pack animal.

On the local PeaceWorks list serve there is a lively debate going on about Maine's U.S. Senate race. I've written about it before. The incumbent Republican Susan Collins and the Democrat's Rep. Tom Allen. There is a write-in candidate Herbert Hoffman who was bounced off the ballot by the Maine Democratic party for collecting signatures the same way everyone else in Maine does. The Secretary of State put Hoffman on the ballot. The Dems challenged it in court and lost. Then they appealed to the state Supreme Court and were "successful" in kicking Hoffman off.

Because of these Democratic party shenanigans many people in the progressive community can't vote for Tom Allen, the "liberal" Democrat. So the words are flying back and forth on the list serve.

I was trying to stay out of it.....I wanted to remain peaceful and above the fray. I didn't want to get into the down and dirty of state politics. After all, I am a peacenik. But some of the emails from folks have just been so ridiculous that, well, I just could not remain in my state of orange blossom honey harmony. So I jumped in.....

Last night I wrote: "I find it hard to believe that many people in the progressive community have stood back and watched the Maine Democratic party do what Karl Rove and the Republicans have become known for - electoral dirty tricks - and not said a mumbling word. When the Republicans pull dirty tricks people get all inflamed as they well should.
But when the Dems do it people turn their heads and look the other way. What was done to Herb Hoffman is one of the worst cases of electoral fraud that I've ever witnessed.
But what is the saddest part of the deal is that people who claim to want free and fair elections have walked away from this case because they don't want to be critical of the Dems.
Many people on the right claim that people on the left are hypocritical. They say we complain about Republican electoral fraud and don't criticize it when it is done on our side. In this case they are right. I am not going to look away. I will vote for Herb Hoffman for the US Senate."

I tried to keep the tone polite but firm. Respectful but direct.

This morning a response came from one woman. She said, "and you will be throwing your vote away because any normal thinking voter will realize that Hoffman cannot possibly you will be voting FOR COLLINS AND AGAINST ALLEN...good going ...way to go...make your big point...don't try to make a change in government...just keep thinking like all the small minded talking heads....."

Now let me be so bold to analyze this response. First of all I have to say that I've lived in this community for 5 1/2 years and do not know who this woman is. She is on the list serve but never comes to events. But now that it is "election season" she uses the group's list serve to promote Democratic party candidates with PASSION. It's not the first time I've seen her respond in this debate. Some folks call people like this "trolls" I believe.

What, pray tell, is a "normal thinking voter"? A pack follower? A crowd pleaser?

Next, she didn't address my point which I think at least merits some level of acknowledgement and discussion. But loyal Dems can't, they must follow the party no matter how corrupt they have become.

The last point, about throwing my vote away. Susan Collins has more than a 10 point lead over Tom Allen. She remains very popular in the state and Allen has made no progress in his run against her. He is going to lose big. My vote ain't going to beat Allen.

Dems are frustrated and want to lash out at someone. Why not blame people like me, or Herb Hoffman, for the fact that he is going to lose? It makes life easier later on. This way the Dems don't have to reflect on the real reasons for Allen losing people who should be part of his base.....his long support for funding for the Iraq occupation.....his refusal to consider impeachment......refusal to support single-payer health care, his arrogance in general.......his refusal to stand up to his own party when they continued to enable Bush, especially during the past two years.

This same kind of discussion is going on around Obama as well. But since Obama now appears to be winning it is less intense. Daily though I get emails telling me that if Obama loses it will be people like me - independent thinkers - who will be responsible. It's a very simplistic take on politics. It's actually very presumptuous and could likely split the left badly over time if it continues.

OK, there, it's off my chest. I can try to return to my meditative state again.


Until the next email flies........

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It appears that it would take the biggest election coup d' cheat in the history of the world for McCain to win at this point.

I don't think anyone can argue that McCain-Palin have probably run the worst presidential campaign in U.S. history. From calling Obama a "terrorist" and "socialist" to McCain's debate "pacing" performance, to Palin's lack of basic political expertise, and her Saks Fifth Avenue clothes problems, this Republican campaign is a mess.

Yesterday we heard that one of McCain's staffers was saying that "Palin had gone rogue" and was basically feathering her own presidential aspirations for 2012. Nothing like a loyal running mate. It appears that McCain is drawing smaller crowds than Palin in these final days of the campaign. The Christian fundamentalists, pro-gun folks, anti-abortionists, anti-tax, and pro-war enthusiasts have already picked their favorite for the next time around. The 2012 campaign has officially begun.

It just goes to show how forgiving the right-wing is. Even though Palin has been charged with corruption in Alaska, has a $20,000 (in the first two weeks of October) hair stylist with her on the campaign plane and wears elitist clothes, none of that matters. Abortion, prayer and wolf killing trumps all that. The working class hard-right folks want a champion and they have found one. They are going to ride her as long as they can.

So McCain not only will lose to Obama, but he will lose to Palin as well.

With the major shift that is likely to happen in the U.S. Congress on election day the Republican party is going to be hurting for some time to come. The Senate will be close to a 60 vote majority for the Democrats and they are expected to pick up as many as 30 seats in the House.

There will be no reason now for the Dems to idle along as they have done since returning to power in 2006. To his credit Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) has just called for a 25% cut in military spending. Admittedly Rep. Frank is not one of my favorite politicians. His efforts to lead the $700 billion Wall Street bailout being just the latest example of his cronyism.

The fact is though that George W. Bush doubled military spending while in office. So a 25% cut is really just a start on what is needed if we truly want to have serious change. The public is going to have to get behind this call for Pentagon cuts and push like hell.

It will be good to rejoice on November 5 that the worst Republican-era in American history has finally ended.

On November 6 the celebrating needs to end and we must begin to immediately made specific and determined demands on the Democrats. To do any less will mean an abdication of our role as citizens.

Monday, October 27, 2008


You might recall me previously mentioning that the Global Network will hold it's 2009 annual space organizing conference in Seoul, South Korea. Our event will be on April 2-4 and while there we will also hold a protest in Pyeongtaek which is a new U.S. military base presently under construction that will serve as a hub for all U.S. forces in the region.

It is now my task to raise $10,000 as quickly as possible so that we can make plans for the conference. We will have to offer travel assistance to activists so they can get from Europe, India, the U.S., and other places to South Korea. We must also try to offer our Korean friends some financial help as our host sponsors are taking on the bulk of financing the conference.

Korea, Japan, and Australia are becoming major participants in U.S. "missile defense" plans in the region as the Pentagon dramatically increases its military encirclement of China. The Asian-Pacific is fast becoming a trigger for war between the U.S. and China.

Our conference will help the Global Network expand the links between our members groups around the world and those who live and work in the region. We continue to believe that an increasingly coordinated and active global peace movement is necessary to organize against the dangerous U.S. military empire.

During the same early April period of 2009, peace groups in Europe will be observing the 60th "anniversary" of NATO by holding large protests and alternative conferences. The U.S. is now calculating to expand NATO's role into a global military alliance and many believe that it will soon be looking to move into the Asian-Pacific. So our conference in South Korea on April 2-4, 2009 will also be discussing these disturbing realities.

Even though we will have a new president in 2009 I strongly believe that the peace movement must be more active than ever if we are to stem the tide of U.S. militarism for resource control. Only by the constant building of new peace alliances across the globe can we ever hope to turn our world toward sanity and provide a real future for our children.

I hope you can help us by making a donation toward our conference fund. Your support will enable the Global Network to ensure that this important, and for us, groundbreaking event will be a success. You can send a check to the address below or click on our red Donate Now! button to give a secure credit card donation via our website.

I thank you for your support. Working together we can prevail for peace. We must!

Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011

Sunday, October 26, 2008


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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today at noon I joined my friend Peter Woodruff on his weekly radio show at Bowdoin College in Brunswick. We play political music and talk politics, it's really quite fun. In addition to music from various American artists, we played songs from Iraq, Sweden, and England. Today we spoke about conversion and the need to stay engaged after the elections. Who knows who just might be listening?

After the show Peter and I headed a couple miles south to Freeport to attend a house warming party for friends John Kaminski and Deborah Gordon who recently moved into a new place out in the country. They bought a nice 100 year old farmhouse that has been newly remodeled. Mary Beth later joined us there.

Also at the party was our dear friend Loukie Lofchie and her husband Stan. When Mary Beth and I first moved to Maine it was Loukie who found us our house and we were neighbors for several years before we moved to our current intentional community house in Bath.

Loukie is one of the grand dams of the peace community in the Midcoast - serving as one of the leaders of our local group PeaceWorks. It's been hard for us not to be living close to Loukie and Stan since moving to Bath. We miss their warm friendship and wonderful sense of humor very much.

Loukie is originally from Holland and suffered through the Nazi occupation during WW II. After the war she worked with refugee war orphans and became a social worker. She is a woman who loves life and has legions of friends who adore her as we have learned to do.

Loukie is one of the great peaceniks out there.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


As we approach the November elections it has become difficult to separate large portions of the peace movement from the daily operations of the Democratic party. In many places across the nation regular peace vigils, in many cases held throughout the Iraq occupation, have become Obama for president rallies. Many activists use the "we" word when talking about the Democrats as if the party is an extension of the movement.

Don't we wish it could be so. Or maybe I should say, be careful what you wish for.

In a recent article entitled "The Idiots Who Rule America" Pulitzer prize winning journalist Chris Hedges writes, "Our oligarchic class is incompetent at governing, managing the economy, coping with natural disasters, educating our young, handling foreign affairs, providing basic services like health care, and safeguarding individual rights. That it is still in power, and will remain in power after this election, is a testament to our inability to separate illusion from reality."

"The democratic system, they think, is a secondary product of the free market. And they slavishly serve the market."

"The working class, which has desperately borrowed money to stay afloat as real wages have dropped, now face years, maybe decades, of stagnant or declining incomes without access to new credit.....We, as individuals in this system, are irrelevant."

We are largely irrelevant because most of us are no longer needed. Due to computerization, mechanization, robotization, and outsourcing of our jobs, we have superfluous populations in the U.S. and around the world. The time has come to thin us out.

No matter who takes office in early 2009, they will face massive budget and trade deficits. The U.S., now a debtor nation, will be told by its creditors that it must do like all Third World nations have long been told to do - cut back on social spending in order to balance the budget.

The final stage in the Karl Rovian plan is in place. Once asked who his favorite president was Rove replied, "William McKinley." Not usually thought of as one of our greater presidents, Rove had to explain that McKinley ruled before we had social progress in America. McKinley was president before we had public education, public health, Social Security, unemployment insurance, the 40-hour workweek, child labor laws, and a whole lot more. Rove dreams of a return to feudalism - the 21st century corporate variety.

Despite public claims that they disagree on U.S. strategy in Iraq, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama would both keep some level of U.S. troops there on permanent bases and both want to send more American troops to Afghanistan. They both also support expanding the size of the military. They both agree that the Congress must "rebuild the military" after eight years of Bush-Cheney abuse. Where will the funds come from to do these things?

Pentagon spending has doubled during the past eight years. By 2010 military program managers are going to be scrambling to get their expensive high-tech programs funded. There is already intense competition between the services for new funding for their endless military appetites. This Pentagon dysfunction can already be witnessed by the recent public relations campaign called "Air Force Above All" that attempted to posture that branch of service as most deserving of high levels of funding as we hit the economic wall. Base commanders were sent out into their local communities to begin lobbying business leaders to support cuts in "entitlement programs" which translates to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and what remains of the severely diminished welfare program. The final shots of the war against social progress are now being fired.

So not only do we face the greed and excess of Wall Street, and are paying for their mistakes, but next we will be asked to continue to fund the crumbling military empire as it collapses around us with no regard for who suffers as it falls.

We will have one serious opportunity at hand to counter this spiraling downfall. No matter who you vote for in November, we must begin now to plan to utilize this potential opening because the elite will be working overtime to close the door as quickly as possible, not wanting to allow the slightest ray of light to pass through the crack. Already the talking heads on TV are telling the American people that if the Democrats win they must "moderate" their message.

As the new president attempts to formulate his budget plan during these trying times it would seem natural that in a real democracy there would be local public meetings so that the citizenry could give their best advice on how the nation should proceed. After all, following eight long hard years of endless war and cuts in social spending, the people will have their own thoughts on what direction the nation should go. This is even more true should Obama, as it now appears he will, win the election.

Local peace, social justice, environmental, women's, and labor organizations should form coalitions to host large public hearings to discuss the guns or butter issue. It is highly likely that the Democrats, who will fully control Congress, will tell us that we can still have both. We can continue some semblance of an occupation of Iraq, expand the war in Afghanistan, build Star Wars, surround Russia and China, and still have enough money to fund health care for all. They will urge us to just give them some time, say two years, to clean up the mess left by the Bush-Cheney cabal. If we listen to them, and step back even for a moment, we would be making a foolish mistake.

We must from the outset mount vigorous pressure on the new administration and the new Congress to overturn the anti-human budget cuts of the past eight years. We must demand major cuts in military spending and an end to corporate subsidies. We must articulate a vision that calls for the conversion of the military industrial complex in order that our tax dollars be used for peaceful and sustainable technology production - not the continued industrial production for war without end.

Only a narrow window of opportunity will await us. We must prepare now to stick our collective feet in the door to ensure that democracy and social progress are not destroyed as the oligarchy attempts to slam the door in our face.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


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This past weekend Anne Gibbons, a leader of CodePink New York City, came to Bath with her husband Ivan to speak at the protest I helped organize at the Iron Works. She spoke about the work they are doing in New York and their participation in organizing a protest during space week at L-3 Communications.

We got a really great news article in the local paper covering the demonstration. The story featured our conversion message and got it right.

Anne is a cartoonist and has a syndicated cartoon called Six Chicks that she does with five other women. She came to our Global Network space organizing conference last spring in Omaha and Anne also organized a speaking tour in the NYC area for Mary Beth during Hiroshima-Nagasaki remembrance days in August.

We took Anne and Ivan kayaking during the weekend and for a walk on the beach at Reed State Park. They are good folks and we enjoyed hosting them.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Jeju Island is just off the southern tip of South Korea Our annual Keep Space for Peace Week was a resounding success this year. We had more than 90 events in 13 countries – the highest total in recent years. We are grateful to all who organized video showings, protest events, and street leafleting to help educate the public.

Here in Maine we held two vigils at Bath Iron Works where the Navy’s Aegis destroyer is built. The Aegis is outfitted with “missile defense” systems and is now being deployed just off the coast of China as part of a doubling of U.S. military presence in the Asian-Pacific region.

China imports the majority of its oil through the Taiwan Straits and the U.S. strategy is to put in place the ability to choke off this importation thus giving the U.S. the ability to control the keys to China’s and the world’s economic engine. This is creating a dangerous arms race in the region.

On Oct 18, the Navy “Christened” a new Aegis destroyer called the Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108) at Bath Iron Works (BIW) in Maine. Rear Admiral Meyer is known as the “father” of the Aegis program. The Navy boasts that the Aegis phased array radar gives the ship the ability to “track, target and destroy aircraft, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles…to completely dominate a theater of operations.”

It was one of these Aegis destroyers that fired an interceptor missile in February 2008 that knocked out a wayward U.S. spy satellite that was falling back to Earth. At the time the public was told the satellite’s on-board hydrazine fuel would be a danger to the planet, but we have since learned that the fuel was largely gone at the time of the intercept. In the end the real reason for the shoot-down was to test the ability of the Aegis system to also function as an anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon.

The October 18 “Christening” was met by a protest organized by Maine Veterans for Peace and the Global Network in an effort to express opposition to the deployment of another “offensive” Aegis ship but also to call for the conversion of the BIW. For the first time ever, a worker from BIW was a featured speaker at the rally held just outside the shipyard gate. Peter Woodruff has worked at BIW for 27 years and told the 75 people assembled that “With the development of the Aegis weapons systems on Navy ships (Aegis is the Greek word for shield) the Navy became more reliant on satellites to guide the so-called ‘smart bombs’ to their designated targets over the horizon and warfare from ships became more long-range, less risky, and less personal. What was sold to the American public as a defense system was actually a system for offensive warfare.”

Woodruff called for conversion of BIW saying, “I can envision building floating wind farms right here at BIW. This is not a revolutionary idea. Shipyards in Europe have been partially or wholly converted from military production to wind turbine production. If a project like this were subsidized by the federal government, like the Navy ships are now, we could create clean, inexpensive, and sustainable power for Maine and the rest of the Northeast. We could expand BIW’s workforce to as many as 12,000 employees and work our way out of this severe recession we are sliding into. If you want to bailout this economy create jobs. We are standing on the edge of a Green Revolution in this country and we must take the steps to realize it as if our lives depended on it.”

In my own speech at the BIW rally I talked about a small South Korean island called Jeju that sits just off the coast of China. Jeju has been designated as an ecological preservation site by UNESCO for its rare and beautiful species of coral (such as Alcyonium gracillimum) and shells (such as Charonia sauliae) which are in the brink of extinction).

In 2002 the South Korean government announced the intention to build a Naval base on Jeju Island and since that time people have been organizing to stop the construction of the base. According to one South Korean peace organization (Solidarity for Peace And Reunification of Korea), “Setting the Aegis [destroyer] in Jeju Island and operating the ships as an element of constructing an Asian missile defense system is part of the U.S. military program. From the geographical point of view, the naval base in Jeju Island cannot have been anything else but the U.S. missile defense base on the sea. Jeju Island is at the center of conflict structure of northeast Asia in reference to missile defense system. The island is located at the gateway of East Asia. Recently, the strengthening of the U.S.-Japan-Republic of Korea military alliance led by the U.S. is an unstable fact. Under the circumstance, the naval base in Jeju Island would become a stepping-stone for the U.S. navy. It would also be inevitable that Jeju Island would turn to be a focal point of an arms race in Northeast Asia.”

Little did we know that as we were protesting against the “Christening” of the Aegis in Bath, Maine that activists from Jeju, on October 18, were holding an action to oppose the construction of the Navy base on Jeju Island. Six people from a local village on the island went underwater on October 18 and held banners amongst the colorful coral protesting the base and expressing their concern that the coral life would be destroyed by the Aegis.

Thanks to Global Network member Sung-Hee Choi, who lives in South Korea, we were able to learn about this protest under the waters of Jeju Island. This is just one example of how our international solidarity around weapons in space issues is growing. Next April 2-4 the Global Network will hold its annual space organizing conference in South Korea as we try to learn first-hand more about the dangers of U.S. “missile defense” deployments to surround and “contain” China.

The Jeju Island story completes the circle. It reveals how the weapons in space issue impacts even life under the seas. The people of Jeju Island are asking all of us to connect these dots and to help stop this deadly arms race from destroying their culture.

Peter Woodruff, working at BIW and courageously speaking out for conversion, shows us the way out. We don’t have to build weapons for endless war to provide jobs in our communities. We don’t have to waste our tax dollars on an arms race to control the world’s diminishing resources. We can build rail, solar, and wind power systems and protect our Mother Earth.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Friday, October 17, 2008


Protesting "Christening" of Navy Aegis destroyer at Bath Iron Works in Maine

Vigil at Northrop Grumman in Maryland

Fylingdales missile defence radar, North Yorkshire in UK

Vigil at Lockheed Martin in Pennsylvannia
Seoul, South Korea screening of Arsenal of Hypocrisy which was translated into Korean by GN member Sung-Hee Choi
In the Czech Republic protestors visit the U.S., Russian, and Chinese embassies
L-3 Communications, New York - prime contractor in space Command, Control and Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Perchlorate is a chemical used in rocket fuel. Because the aerospace industry is increasingly expanding their operations the use of perchlorate is growing and contamination from the chemical has now been found in milk and lettuce throughout the nation.

Perchlorate, most of it leaking from military bases or defense plants, contaminates well more than 500 drinking water supplies in 35 states, serving millions of people. Among major perchlorate-polluted sources is the Colorado River, which is used to irrigate 1.4 million acres of cropland in California and Arizona.

According to Physicians for Social Responsibility, "Perchlorate has been linked to thyroid problems in pregnant women, newborns and young children. Not regulating this harmful chemical in our drinking water is unacceptable."

" The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has refused to set a drinking-water standard for perchlorate. The EPA is now asking for public comment on the issue."

" As the Washington Post pointed out last month, this rule has been meddled with extensively by the White House in order to remove some of the data highlighting the risks associated with the chemical."

Your comments are urgently needed to apply pressure on the EPA to do the job they were created to do. In this case we are asking them to protect and enforce the Safe Drinking Water Act from the military industrial complex.

Please take a moment and follow these easy steps to send your own simple comments to the EPA telling them to protect our water from perchlorate contamination.

Tell the EPA to regulate perchlorate in drinking water:

1. Follow this link:

2. Click on the yellow icon next to “Add Comments”

3. Tell the EPA that you think this decision is harmful to public health!

Protect the future generations.

Note: If you think you are safe because you are using organic milk or lettuce then you are wrong. These products still become contaminated as perchlorate is often in the water that is used to grow the organic lettuce or water the fields where cows graze. We are all at risk from rocket fuel pollution.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Doris Haddock, Granny D, walked across America in support of campaign finance reform (1999-2000). Her trip, begun shortly before her 89th birthday, lasted 14 months and covered 3,200 miles.

Granny D, who lives in New Hampshire, is coming to Bath on Saturday, October 18 to speak at the Maine Veterans for Peace (VfP) protest against another Navy Aegis ship "Christening". Instead of celebrating another "destroyer" VfP plans to christen a peace ship that day called the "USS Granny D."

Another speaker on October 18 will be the first BIW worker ever to address a peace rally at the production facility. The BIW worker will call for the conversion of the shipyard to peaceful production - building windmills and rail systems instead of weapons for endless war.

Anne Gibbons, a leader of CodePink New York City, will also be a speaker at the event.

The BIW ship to be "Christened" will be called the Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108) in honor of the "Father of Aegis". Rear Admiral Wayne Meyer oversaw the development of the Aegis system that is the core of the weapons system that can track, target and destroy aircraft, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles thus allowing the U.S. "to completely dominate a theater of operations." The Aegis phased array radar forms the core of the U.S. "Missile Defense" first-strike arsenal now forward deployed worldwide and being used by the Navy to surround China's coastal region.

Granny D has been honored by Maine artist Robert Shetterly in his series of portraits called "Americans Who Tell the Truth".

Shetterly quotes Granny D, "We live in a land where each person’s voice matters. We can all do something.... If we lose control of our government, then we lose our ability to dispense justice and human kindness. Our first priority today, then, is to defeat utterly those forces of greed and corruption that have come between us and our self-governance."

VfP will organize a peace walk from Waterfront Park in Bath at 9:30 am on October 18. The walkers will carry the "USS Granny D" peace ship to the Washington Street gate where those attending the BIW "Christening" must enter. The rally with speakers and music will be held at this spot (corner of Washington and Spring Streets).

It is there that we will hear from the 98 year old Granny D.

Come meet this American legend.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Three of our Addams-Melman Housemates went north this weekend for a camping retreat at Lily Bay State Park which sits on Moosehead Lake. It was a quiet time and the weather for the most part was just wonderful for Mary Beth, Maureen and me.

We were not sure that the trip was going to work out because I had gotten ill just two days before we were supposed to leave. I had a bad cold, no energy, and a horrible sore throat. But I willed myself to push through it and glad it was possible to go.

We camped right on the water for two nights and had a three-mile hike through the woods and along the shore line yesterday. Our two dogs came along and loved it as well.

I particularly love walking through the woods gathering firewood and then sitting by the fire for hours just loosing my mind in the embers. I think about how for thousands of years our relations who came before us sat at their fires under the night sky. It is in our DNA to do this ritual.

The big development corporation, Plum Creek, proposes to undertake a massive development along Moosehead which happens to be Maine's largest lake. The proposal includes more than 2,000 housing units, two large resorts, a golf course, marina and additional commercial developments.

The state set up a public hearing process on the development plan and the public overwhelmingly spoke out against the Plum Creek proposal but it appears that the development will go forward with only minor changes.

We saw few signs of wildlife during the weekend. We heard loons on the lake but never saw one. We saw few birds. I only saw two squirrels. Wildlife is already in grave danger. Allowing huge developments on this last remaining wilderness would be a travesty.

Friday, October 10, 2008


It all makes perfect sense. The economy is collapsing and the American people are angry and frustrated. So rather than have them condemn the system that is ultimately responsible the power structure has created the lion's den where Democrat and Republican rip each others throat out and move toward civil war. That should keep the people busy while the corporate elite steal the nation blind.

Sarah Palin's job in all of this is to throw the red meat into the crowd. And she is good at it and seems to have no conscience about doing so. She feels the power and loves it. The boys in charge have chosen well.

According to the Washington Post report from a McCain-Palin rally in Wisconsin, "There were shouts of 'Nobama' and 'Socialist' at the mention of the Democratic presidential nominee. There were boos, middle fingers turned up and thumbs turned down as a media caravan moved through the crowd Thursday for a midday town hall gathering featuring John McCain and Sarah Palin."

Obama, a socialist? Not even close.

At one recent rally someone yelled "kill him" as Palin was pumping up the crowd. At a McCain event a supporter of his yelled "terrorist" when the Republican candidate asked "Who is Barack Obama?"

McCain voted for the bailout and is now using the issue to drive a wedge between the people. Instead of acknowledging both corporate parties complicity with Wall Street, the McCain-Palin team are playing innocent victim.

Again the Post reports, "The crowd showed equal disdain for the media, fueled by comments from Palin, who encouraged the Republican supporters to take the campaign's message around the media. 'I can't pick a fight with those who buy ink by the barrel,' she said. 'It's dangerous territory whenever I suggest the mainstream media isn't asking all the questions.' "

Translation - the media is picking on me. Defend me against the socialists and the liberal media. The crowd loves it because she plays on their own sense of powerlessness. They feel a sense of duty and unity for their cause.

Yes Sarah Palin, the millionaire, who pretends to be just like Joe Six-Pack, is being picked on. Grab your gun and defend her.......

The fascists now running this country know they must get out in front of the public outrage and turn it away from them toward their own enemies who could potentially expose their corruption. Thus the left who are challenging corporate power and the "liberal media" become the target. This is what this election is really about.

I've always maintained that a country like the U.S., who has aided in the killing of people all over the world in order to build it's military and economic empire, would some day have to turn their sights on us here at home. We are no longer needed to build cars and make clothes. That can be done more cheaply overseas. Unemployment is growing in the U.S. and there is nothing more dangerous than an educated unemployed worker. They become revolutionaries.

So the strategy must be to lower education standards and use emotion to turn the people against each other. McCain's slogan "Country First" should actually read "Divide and Conquer".

If you have doubts just see what our government has done to the Indians when their land was taken from them. Or see how the black liberation movement has been treated over the years. Or how the labor movement was beaten and killed during our history as they tried to organize workers.

We are all being brought onto the reservation now. American is being pitted against American.

We should each be careful how we get used in creating this new deadly internal conflict.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Business Week reports that, "California is going to Washington, D.C., to ask for $7 billion to cover its budget shortfall. Otherwise it won't be able to pay for its teachers, cops, firemen, and other essential services. Unfortunately, California won't be alone. A number of other states are experiencing a huge dive in tax revenue and could be going cap in hand to Uncle Sam alarmingly soon. How bad could it get? The potential cost for all the 31 states facing both major and minor shortfalls could be as much as $53.4 billion."

And what will Uncle Sam say to these states? Does the uncle in DC have any $$$ to bail these states out?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


ABC News has reported that following the historic Wall Street bailout, welfare queens from AIG insurance company headed for this luxury report and spa called St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach, California. Rooms at the joint roll in at $1,000 per night. Poor bastards, I'm sorry that they have to slum it after so much worry and fright. I can imagine the champagne corks were popping all night long.

The "retreat" reportedly cost AIG, or should I say you the taxpayer, about $440,000. But don't worry the Democrats in Congress are on the case and are going to make sure that the staff at the resort gets fairly tipped. After all the Dems are looking out for the "working class".

Speaking of things that drive you crazy......

Last night I went to a "candidates debate" in my town for those running for the state legislature. The debate was hosted by a local environmental group to discuss what can be done to deal with the reality of rising oil prices and the need to develop an alternative energy policy at the state level. It was pitiful.

There were six of the politicos there (from both corporate parties) and they all agreed that yes we must do something this winter and beyond because home heating oil prices have doubled since last winter.

Some of their ideas included:

* Neighbor must look out for neighbor
* More tax incentives for investment in wind and solar (the investor class gets subsidized for saving energy while the poor and working class get nothing)
* More government bonding (which means the towns or state borrow money from the big banks paying big interest) for investment in sustainable technology development
* Public transportation would be nice, especially for senior citizens
* Maine has lots of wood
* Home weatherization would be nice and we need programs to train energy auditors because we don't have enough of them in the state. (Maine's old wooden homes are filled with holes.)
* Big business will see the potential for profit in sustainable energy production and will ride in and rescue us

Needless to say I wanted to cry.

The audience (with 1 or 2 exemptions) asked very mild questions and the questions from the moderator were very mild and furnished to the candidates in advance.

Near the end of the evening I raised my hand and suggested that with Maine's present fiscal crisis the state (and federal government for that matter) had little money to offer in solving these problems. But, I contended, the Pentagon controls 54% of every federal tax dollar and if we converted the global war machine we'd have lots of money for dealing with these problems........

Then I quickly ran through, the moderator was rushing me along because she wanted to get home to watch the Obama-McCain debate, the numbers from the University of Mass-Amherst Economics Dept. study that reported when we spend $1 billion on military production we get 8,555 jobs in the "defense" industry but that same amount of money put into home weatherization would yield 12,804 jobs or put into building mass transit systems would yield 19,795 jobs. We need jobs in Maine, right?

"OK, what is your question," the moderator impatiently asked.

My question I said is when are local politicians going to start calling for the conversion of the military industrial complex?

Oh, boy....someone farted in church again.

Blank stares except from one Republican who grabbed the microphone and went into a trip about how 9-11 showed we need to protect the country and since then we have not been attacked.....

Then more blank stares.

Previously every politician (or wanna-be politician) had something to say about every question. Not this time.

OK, we are outta her said the moderator but to her credit Karen Wainberg, one of the organizers of the event, stood up and said I want someone to answer this question.

So Tom Watson, a Democrat legislator from Bath, said yeah I am against the war but when we passed a resolution in Augusta a couple of years ago it created a controversy and it stopped all business for two weeks (it did not) and then everyone ignored it so there is nothing we can do from the state level.

One other guy basically said, "If you want change make sure you vote in the upcoming election." Another Democrat said its a federal problem and we are in the state legislature. Not our job.

I stumbled out of Bath City Hall into the chilly night warmed by my rising blood pressure. I was thinking about peak oil, thinking about Maine facing gasoline prices of $5, $6, $7, $8 a gallon with no public transit to speak of........

I was thinking about the Democratic-Republican party agreement to create a "lock box" around the military budget as America's human and physical infrastructure collapses. I was thinking that these politicians are weak and afraid of their own shadow - they are living in a dream world. The crash is coming hard and they are fiddling around.

I later heard that Tom Watson told Karen after the event was over that when he goes door-to-door looking for votes virtually everyone is asking him about the Iraq occupation. But he remains quiet because it is a federal problem.

The "ignorant" voters know what the hell is going on but the corporate dominated politicians keep their mouths shut for fear of losing their seats in "power". They play the go-along to get-along game.

And in the meantime Rome burns.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


(Click on photo for better view)

One of the more moving entry's in the protest parade that concluded the European Social Forum in Malmo, Sweden on September 20 was the sculpture on wheels called "In the name of God- In memory of the victims of fundamentalism" by artist Jens Galschiot.

Each of the copper crucifix were mounted on a wagon and they were connected as a train and pulled along during the 3 1/2 hour march through the city.

Literature handed out by the artist said, "The crucifix is a sculptural outcry for the right to contraception and unprejudiced sexual education. It is an artistic comment to the Bible fundamentalists' crusade against contraception, and their grotesque claim that 'the Bible allows only unprotected sex'."

The first sculpture was put up in cooperation with the Cathedral of Copenhagen on December 1, 2006. the International AIDS day. They have since been shown around the world.

"The Roman Catholic Church, the Christian fundamentalists in the US, and the US government in office form a powerful alliance where they advocate sexual abstinence until marriage as the only way to avoid HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. They assert that information on contraception encourages voluptuousness."

"They are trying to force a change in contraception policy in Africa, Asia and Central America. This has already had fatal consequences in form of more HIV infected people. unwanted pregnancies and dangerous abortions."

"The sexual life is a natural part of our existence, regardless of our way of life and whether we want children or not. The sexual policy crusade is a frontal assault on the rights of both women and sexual minorities, in the West as well as in the developing countries."

Monday, October 06, 2008


The leaves are turning here in Maine and the temperature is dropping to the chilly side. This weekend our Addams-Melman House (AMH) mates worked in the garden to harvest the last of the tomatoes, squash, and green beans. We still have some other things in the ground and our newest housemate Maureen worked with Karen to rig up a hoop house over one raised garden bed so that we can grow veggies into the winter. Living in this intentional community, there are five of us here now, has many wonderful benefits.

Last night, after we all returned home from a panel discussion on the elections that was held in nearby Brunswick, I fried green tomatoes for supper while Mary Beth made a salad and Karen and Maureen went to the store to pick up a few things. Housemate Levi was camping in the mountains with friends.

We talked politics over dinner. Just what is going to happen with the economy now? How will we all survive if the economy collapses? When will the people rise up against this corporate takeover in America? What will the government do when the public has had enough? Will the government declare martial law and outlaw protest? What would we all do then? What will happen to the growing legions of poor people? How will voting and the coming election impact all of the previous questions?

A typical dinner discussion at the AMH.

In the meantime we want to expand our gardens for next spring and plant more fruit trees in our yard. We are thinking that we have to develop the ability to grow more of our food.

I need to go outside and chop more wood today. Our woodpile is growing as we bought a second wood burning stove because the price of heating oil doubled since last winter. Many Maine homes will be much colder this winter.

Life is changing. Americans have had it easy for a long time as we consume 25% of global resources even though we are only 5% of the world population.

If we could only stop using 54% of every tax dollar for military production and endless war and use those resources to build wind, solar, and rail our life could be much different.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


This report covers the period of September 18-29 as I traveled to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway for a speaking tour. The trip was organized by GN board member Agneta Norberg and Barbara Bradefors from Sweden who belong to Women for Peace.

My first stop was in Malmo, Sweden for the European Social Forum where I spoke at an event on the militarization of space. Also included were GN chairperson Dave Webb (CND, England), Jan Tamas (No to Bases Campaign, Czech Republic) as well as Agneta who highlighted the growing efforts of Scandinavian aerospace corporations to join the space militarization program. Just prior to my leaving home, I did two email interviews with peace publications that produced full-page spreads that were distributed in Malmo.

Hundreds of workshops were spread out all over Malmo during the Social Forum. The only other one I was able to attend was an excellent forum on the growing dangers of an expanding NATO which has become a global offensive military alliance under the control of the U.S. and trying to substitute itself for the United Nations. The U.S. is now pressuring NATO members to increase their military spending and to buy their weapons primarily from American weapons corporations. The head of NATO's expansion committee, Bruce Jackson, is a former Lockheed Martin executive. NATO is increasingly dominating the European Union's foreign policy and has begun expanding operations into the Asian-Pacific by holding military maneuvers with Japan, South Korea, and Australia. NATO is the cornerstone of military globalization just as the G8 is the cornerstone of economic globalization. Plans are now underway for major protests in Europe in early 2009 as part of the 60th "anniversary" of NATO. NATO is pushing the spread of "missile defense" throughout Europe.

On September 19, as we made our way back to the hotel in Malmo, we ran into a massive police presence and discovered that a group of about 150 anarchists had taken over a street and were holding banners and chanting. A bank sat on one corner and police closed down all the adjoining streets. We began to mill about among the anarchists and one videographer recognized me and began to interview me. Just in that moment a couple of the black-clad youth threw something breaking the bank windows and the video team ran off to film the action. The police made it hard for people to leave the area but we found a side street and moved on. I asked Agneta what we should do about the anarchists and she responded with a question of her own, "Should we give up the streets?"

Agneta arranged for me to speak at the rally that preceded the march through Malmo by 10,000 people on September 20. I was the last speaker and was given two minutes; I long ago learned to say what needs to be said in that short period of time. The march was a wonderful spirit-filled 3 1/2 hour parade through heavily populated neighborhoods full of four-story apartment buildings with people hanging out their windows. At one point we saw a heavier than usual riot squad presence along the march route and discovered that they were protecting a McDonald's hamburger joint. Just across the street sat an unprotected Burger King, and it was obvious that since "anti-globalization" protests for years have targeted McDonald's, the cops were taking no chances. Nothing happened.

Comparing the massive crowd of 10,000 with the small anarchist protest the night before made clear to me that in the end, the public saw for themselves that the vast majority of people attending the Social Forum were serious and determined non-violent activists. I agree with Agneta that we can't give up the streets but we must also begin to organize local dialogues with the anarchist community about their actions, which I believe are often infiltrated with government agents who intend to disrupt them with violence in order to turn the public away from our message.

During the march I had the pleasure to get to know Andre Brochu who was born in Farmington, Maine and moved to Sweden as a Vietnam War resister. Today Andre is a school librarian and a kinder, gentler man has never been found. He made sure that our small group of space-niks were well fed and watered and then escorted us back to our hotel in Malmo at the end of a long day.

My next stop was Copenhagen, Denmark where I spoke at a bookstore and did an extensive interview with the nationwide Daily Worker newspaper. I also did a video interview with a Humanist movement organizer that he immediately spread worldwide via the Internet. Annelise Ebee, the president of International WILPF, took care to walk me around the city that day and I was highly impressed by the tremendous number of bicycles on the street.

On September 23, Agneta and I flew to Stockholm, Sweden where I spoke that evening. The next day we both flew to Kiruna in the north of Sweden, just above the Arctic Circle. Kiruna is a mining town where iron ore is extracted and we learned that a good portion of the community's buildings, including a magnificent city hall, will soon be moved so that the mines can be expanded.

Kiruna is also the location of Esrange, the rocket launching and satellite tracking spaceport facility that is connected to the European Space Agency (ESA). Here, much to my delight, I spoke to 60 students and 15 community members in an evening program. The students attend the "space high school," and are recruited from all over Sweden for the very competitive program that appears to be a training vehicle for the space industry. I was astounded at the positive and attentive reception they gave me. Afterward, many of the students talked with Agneta and I about their shock of learning about plans for the nuclearization and weaponization of space. The staff of the school invited me to come back for an extended period of time to "work with the students" and I was energized by the offer, though I wonder how we could afford to send me on such a return trip. It was one of the most exciting talks I have done in my 25 years of working on space issues. I will always remember the bright wide-eyes in the audience. They touched my heart and I just know that some good things will come from that evening.

The next day Agneta and I were taken for a tour of Esrange. There we learned that the space facility is expanding its operation to serve as a tracking station for the ESA's reconnaissance and surveillance satellite system called Galileo that comes on-line in 2013 with 30 satellites. The GPS-like system will be "dual use", meaning it will serve military and civilian purposes, and will also have tracking stations near-by in Norway.

On September 25 we flew back to Stockholm and Agneta took me to a Turkish family's house for dinner. We were treated to a wonderful meal, and I heard the horrible story of the military coups in Turkey during the 1970-80's. Many progressive activists were forced to flee the country as thousands were killed by their fascist government with the full support of the U.S. military and NATO.

Our host described how the Turkish Social Democrats sat back and watched as their hope for real democracy was crushed by the para-military Grey Wolf dead squads used by the dictatorship to do much of the killing of those from the left who were protesting in the streets. There are quite a number of Turkish refugees in Sweden and Agneta, who is 70 years old, has befriended many of them. She has gone to Turkey several times and witnessed entire towns that were wiped out just for having stood against the military government. When I asked our host to reflect on what more they could have done at the time, he said the people did not fight back hard enough. It's advice we could use today as we see democracy slip away from us in the U.S. Our host was a journalist for a well-respected Turkish political publication and interviewed me about space issues before we said good-night.

September 26 found us flying to Oslo, Norway where I was hosted by WILPF for a well-attended talk. Alongside me at the podium was a Norwegian journalist who has written extensively about Norway's growing role in space issues due to their membership in NATO and the presence of a U.S. Star Wars radar base in Vardo, just a few miles from the Russian border. Vardo collects intelligence data on Russia's long-range ballistic missiles. Coupled with the new U.S. radar proposed for the Czech Republic, this iinformation would give the Pentagon a formidable military advantage in developing a first-strike capability against Russia. Norway also hosts a National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance station at Fauske and has a rocket launch range called Andoya.

Our last two days in Oslo were spent being superbly hosted by WILPF members Edel Beukes, Dr. Dagmar Sorboe, and Inya L'Orange. These three powerful women came to our GN annual meeting in Darmstadt, Germany a couple of years ago and have determined that they will weave the cost of space technology and conversion of the global war machine into discussions at upcoming international global climate change meetings. They also pledged to work to expand discussions of Norway's role in space militarization. My hosts kept talking about the "oil dope" that the Norwegian people are addicted to as their off-shore oil drilling industry has done much to strengthen their economy as prices for the fossil fuel skyrocket.

On my first day off during the trip, September 26, Inya took Agneta and me for a 6-7 mile walk along the beautiful hills and lakes overlooking Oslo. The next day Dagmar took the four of us for a boat trip in the fjord where she showed us some ruins from the WW II Nazi occupation. Like all military occupations, this one could not last, and I was once again reminded that the U.S. empire will in time also crumble. Empire is a contradiction and violates the laws of nature.

I took a good number of copies of our new documentary video "A Space 4 Peace" with me on the trip and they sold very quickly. By the end of the tour we were having to ask people to copy them and pass them on to others. People were hungry for a good teaching vehicle and the video surely is a good one.

During this trip to Scandinavia I heard over and over again about current efforts to slowly but steadily dismantle the social welfare system for which these three countries are so well known. Just like everywhere else, the ethic of privatization is being preached and cutbacks in social programs are now underway. Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are still far ahead of most countries in the human services they still provide, but corporate globalization is hitting this region too. Militarization is steadily creeping into the Nordic lands and people there are worried about NATO expansion and possible war with their close neighbor Russia.

Throughout the era of the cold war between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union, most of the women I met on this trip had been key leaders in the effort to end the nuclear arms race between the two superpowers and to build human relationships between their own country and the people of Russia. Once again, by necessity, they are being drawn into rebuilding the peaceful bridge which this time has a new and deadly twist - the militarization and weaponization of space.

I thank Agneta Norberg, Barbara Bradefors, and all the many others who worked hard to make this trip such a wonderful experience. I am sure we will work together again.

Friday, October 03, 2008


October 4 – 12, 2008

Keep Space for Peace Week:
International Week of Protest to
Stop the Militarization of Space

No Weapons in Space!
Stop U.S. First-Strike Star Wars Deployments in Poland
and Czech Republic!
Convert the Military Industrial Complex!
Fund Human Needs!

* Adelaide, South Australia (Sept 24) Monthly vigil on steps of Parliament House with leafleting by Women in Black and South Australian branch of WILPF

*Adelaide, South Australia (Oct 11) Presentation and discussion at local Australian Section of WILPF

* Baltimore, Maryland (Oct 3) Peace vigil by Jonah House at the new Northrop Grumman weapons production plant in Linthicum Heights (1570 W. Nursery Rd) at 11:00 am or (410) 233-6238

* Baltimore, Maryland (Oct 4) The Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore will hold a demonstration at the Headquarters of the National Security Agency (NSA) between 5-6 PM. (410) 366-1637

* Bath Iron Works, Maine (Oct 4) Vigil across from administration building on Washington Street 11:30 am Smilin’ Trees Disarmament Farm 207-763-4062

* Bath Iron Works, Maine (Oct 18) Veterans for Peace march & rally at Aegis destroyer “Christening” featuring Granny D. Aegis is outfitted with "missile defense" systems Assemble Waterfront Park on Commercial St. at 9:00 am

* Bend, Oregon (Oct 10) Presentation by Jackie Hudson at Central Oregon Environmental Center

* Blair, Nebraska (Oct 7) Former editor of Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Mike Moore, speaks at Dana College about his new book The Twilight War: The Folly of US Space Dominance in the Durham Classroom Center 7:00 pm

* Boston, Massachusetts (Oct 4) Vigil and leaflet at Park Street train station (Park Street at Tremont) with WILPF at 2:00 pm

* Boston, Massachusetts (Oct 11) Posters and leafleting at regional anti-war mobilization on Boston Common

* Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (Oct 4) Presentation and discussion at local Australian Section of WILPF

* Cambridge, Massachusetts (Oct 2) Showing newly revised space video “A Space 4 Peace” at Central Sqauare Library by WILPF and Cambridge Peace Commission 6:45pm

* Colorado Springs, Colorado (Oct ) Panel discussion at Colorado College on the “Military Influence in Colorado Springs”

* Colorado Springs, Colorado (Oct 7) Bannering in downtown area at noon

* Copenhagen, Denmark (Oct 4) Presentation and discussion at "The Poetic Bureau" (Griffenfeldsgade 52) 20:00

* RAF Croughton, England (Oct 4) “No Missile Defence” march and rally at U.S. Space Communications Base with speakers and music

* Damascus, Syria (Oct 11) Public meeting on space issues at cultural center

* Fylingdales, England (Oct 11) Demonstration at U.S. Star Wars radar facility by Yorkshire CND

* Grand Rapids, Michigan (Oct 5) Marywood Campus Health Center presentations by Ardeth Platte and Carol Gilbert

* Grand Rapids, Michigan (Oct 6) Aquinas College presentations by Ardeth Platte and Carol Gilbert

* Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (Oct 7) Film showing of Arsenal of Hypocrisy space video at the Just Us Café

* Hampton, Florida (Oct 5) FCPJ’s “Remember our Roots” Day on the coalitions’s land. FCPJ was a co-founder of the Global Network

* Jalgaon, India (Sept 23) Address in the North Maharastra University

* Jalgaon, India (Sept 24) Address in the Nutan Marathi Mahavidyalaya

* Kirtland AFB, New Mexico (Oct 4) Demonstration at Space War Center Truman Gate in Albuquerque (505) 401-4808

* Las Vegas, Nevada (Oct 4) Peace Concert and Fair

* Mankato, Minnesota (Sept 29) “A Space 4 Peace” video showing at the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation meeting with the School Sisters of Notre Dame

* Mankato, Minnesota (Oct 6) Afternoon showing and discussion of “A Space 4 Peace” video with the School Sisters of Notre Dame and open to the public.

* Mankato, Minnesota (Oct 8) Weekly noon vigil will include signs to Honor the Space Treaty, and Keep Space for Peace

* Mankato, Minnesota (Oct 8) Evening showing and discussion of “A Space 4 Peace” video with School Sisters of Notre Dame and open to the public.

* Menwith Hill, England (Oct 4) Demonstration at NSA Spy Base in Yorkshire

* Nagpur, India (Oct 4) Meeting in the Matru Sewa Sangh Institute of Social Work at 2:30 p.m.

* Nagpur, India (Oct 4) Joint demonstration at Variety Square at 5 p.m.

* Nagpur, India (Oct 6) Meeting in the Providence Jr. College at 9:30 a.m.

* Nagpur, India (Oct 6) Space issues forum at Dharampeth Science College

* Nagbhir, India (Oct 10) Meeting organised by the Municipal Council at noon

* Nagpur, India (Oct 11) Meeting in the Mahila Mahavidyalaya at 1:30 p.m.

* Nagpur, India (Oct 11) Meeting in the BP National Institute of Social Work at 3 p.m.

* Nagpur, India (Oct 12) Round table discussion of intellectuals on space security issues at Panch Sheel Library

* New York, New York (Oct 3) Joel Landy’s musical presentation at The Yippie Museum Café will include space issues

* New York, New York (Oct 5) Film showing of Arsenal of Hypocrisy space video in the Bronx

* New York, New York (Oct 6) Protest at L-3 Communications, a prime contractor in space Command, Control and Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, 600 Third Avenue (at E. 39th) 12:00-1:30 pm

* New York, New York (Oct 21) Space issues forum at United Nations hosted by Reaching Critical Will of WILPF and others. Begins at 1:15 pm

* Oakville, Canada (Oct 8) Public educational forum on space issues at St. Jude’s Anglican Church by Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology, and Human Rights 7:30 pm (905) 849-5501

* Omaha, Nebraska (Oct 7 & 9) Demonstrations at Quest Center, home of annual aerospace Strategic Space & Defense convention

* Omaha, Nebraska (Oct 7) Former editor of Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Mike Moore, speaks at Creighton University about his new book The Twilight War: The Folly of US Space Dominance 3:30 pm in Skutt Center

* Omaha, Nebraska (Oct 8) Former editor of Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Mike Moore, speaks at University of Nebraska-Omaha in Milo Bail Student Center about his new book The Twilight War: The Folly of US Space Dominance 7:00 pm

* Omaha, Nebraska (Oct 8) “Die-In” CD/Nonviolent direct action at Quest Convention Center during annual aerospace Strategic Space & Defense convention

* Oswestry, England (Oct 25) Market stall to promote awareness about the militarization of space

* Oxford, England (Oct 2) No Missile Defence public meeting at Friends Meeting House with Caroline Lucas MEP

* Penny Farms, Florida (Oct ) Forum at Penney Memorial Church

* Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia (Oct 2) Peace Concert at Temple University

* Portland, Maine (Oct 8) Showing newly revised space video “A Space 4 Peace” and talk by Mary Beth Sullivan at Meg Perry Center 7:00 pm

* Prague, Czech Republic (Oct 8) Protest happening tour in front of Russian, Chinese and U.S. embassies 11:00 am (CET)

* Rome, Italy (Oct 12) Video presentation and discussion at Centro Umanista La Svolta - via degli equi, 25 at 5.00 p.m.

* Queensland, Australia (Oct 6) Demonstration at University of Queensland’s Center for Hypersonics technology at noon

* Saco, Maine (Oct 5) Showing newly revised space video “A Space 4 Peace” at First Parish Congregational UCC 9:00 am

* Sacramento, California (Oct 8) Space issues leafleting by Peace Action, WILPF, and Grandmothers for Peace from 11-1 pm at rail stations in city downtown. Will also have people use cell phones to call White House opposing space militarization. (916) 835-4330

* San Mateo, California (Oct 7) Lecture with Andy Lichterman from Western States Legal Foundation at Unitarian Universalists at 7:30 pm

* Santa Rosa, California (Oct 7) War in Space presentation at Santa Rosa Junior College Newman Auditorium by Physics Instructor Lynda Williams

* Santa Rosa, California (Oct 8) Sonoma County Astronomical Society will show “A Space 4 Peace” video at the Proctor Terrace Elementary School in a public event at 7:30 pm (1171 Bryden Lane)

* Seoul, South Korea (Oct 9) Showing of Arsenal of Hypocrisy with Korean translation in script, Neutinamu Hall, PSPD with Korean Committee of Int’l Meeting

* Sebastopol, California (Oct 18) “Cosmic Cabaret” live multimedia musical theater with Lynda Williams at Sebastopol Center for the Arts at 7:30

* Sunnyvale, California (Oct 24) Vigil at Lockheed Martin weapons production plant

* Tampa, Florida (Oct 10 & 11) Holly Gwinn Graham will be talking about Keep Space for Peace Week on two WMNF radio shows at 9am and 10am on those two days.

* Tampa, Florida (Oct 12) Holly Gwinn Graham will sing space for peace songs in her show at Unitarian Church Dome Concert at 3:00 pm

* Toledo, Ohio (Oct 4-12) Daily space issues leafleting at Lucas County Courthouse

* Traverse City, Michigan (Oct 4-12) Space week posters put up around the region, flyers and Space Alert newsletters put in several local churches and handed out throughout the week. Plans to go to Sen. Carl Levin's office to give him materials, including latest Space Alert.

* Tucson, Arizona (Oct 3) Space Ecology: The Final Frontier of Environmentalism talk led by physics instructor Lynda Williams. University of Arizona Steward Observatory, Room 204 at 5:00 pm

* Tucson, Arizona (Oct 4) Showing newly revised space video “A Space 4 Peace” and Raging Grannies will sing at Martha Cooper Library at 2:00 pm

* Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (Oct 4) Nonviolent resistance at Lockheed Martin, the world's largest weapons corporation and space weapons contractor

* Vandenberg AFB, California (Oct 11) Vigil at front gate of Star Wars missile launch base 1:00 pm (831) 206-5043

* Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts (Oct 9) Martha’s Vineyard Peace Council shows “A Space 4 Peace” video at Grace Church 6:30 pm

* Walpole, Massachusetts (Oct 4) Lemonade Stand Informational on the corrosive effects of the MIC

* Washington, D.C. (Oct 6) Weekly vigil at the Pentagon to incorporate Keep Space for Peace theme. Dorothy Day Catholic Worker (202) 882-9649

* Washington, D.C. (Oct 10) Weekly vigil at the White House to incorporate Keep Space for Peace theme. Dorothy Day Catholic Worker (202) 882-9649

* Wellington, Florida (Oct 4) Rally against space weapons at Wellington Green, 2:00 pm by Palm Beach WILPF and Peace & Justice Coalition

Use this link to view the Space Week poster

and this link to see the flyer