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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Manufacturing Food in the Lab

SynBio Explained

Video Animation Explores Risks of Treating Life as a Machine


29 Oct. 2014–On the eve of the largest annual gathering of synthetic biologists in the world, ETC Group and the Bioeconomies Media Project are launching a new animated explanation of the workings of this emerging “SynBio” industry, often dubbed extreme genetic engineering. Thousands of scientists, students and vendors will converge at the International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Jamboree in Boston to share the latest advancements in what has become a multi billion dollar industry based on the industrialization of life at the molecular level.

Increasingly, scientists and civil society are sounding the alarm about the risks posed by unregulated commercialization of SynBio’s untested, experimental and unprecedented manipulation of life forms. The new ten minute video, produced in collaboration with award-winning Canadian animator Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre and narrated by ETC’s Jim Thomas, is the first output from a new Bioeconomies Media Project. Featuring work of researchers from Canadian universities and funded by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the video provides a succinct introduction to the science and emerging industry of synthetic biology as well as some of the ethical, biosafety and economic impacts that these "genetically engineered machines" may have.

"The synthetic biology industry is already a multibillion dollar enterprise involving some of the worlds largest food, chemical and agribusiness companies," said Jim Thomas, ETC's Programme Director. "The leaders of that industry are targeting markets supplied by small farmers in the around the world; this is likely to have real negative impacts on poorer communities in the global south."

SynBio companies have commercialized several products already, including a vanilla substitute grown by synthetically modified yeast, a coconut oil replacement produced by engineered algae, and engineered versions of patchouli and vetiver fragrances. Less than two weeks ago, 194 nations at the United Nations convention on Biological Diversity unanimously urged governments to establish precautionary regulations and to assess synthetic biology organisms, components and products. Many countries had called for a complete global moratorium on the release of synthetic biology organisms.

"Small farmers feed over 70% of the world; if SynBio companies cut into the tiny profits they are able to make, it could have a growing negative impact on the world's food supply," Thomas added. "Given how little we know about the potential effects of these highly novel life forms, there are also concerns about the risk of synthetic microorganisms escaping into the air and water."

The video released today features the work of Montreal-based animator Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre, who has dozens of film festival awards to her name, most recently for Best Short Documentary at the Saint Louis International Film Festival in 2012. Saint Pierre’s last animation was featured at the most recent Cannes International Film Festival.

"Since I started working on this video, I've learned that synthetic biology is quite dangerous, and without regulations it can have repercussions for workers and farmers," said Saint-Pierre. "It was important for me to make something that’s easy to understand, so that anyone can access information about SynBio and process it."

Elections & Voting Almost Over

Most eligible voters
don't vote
it's hard to argue
with them
their reasons
are based on
their graduation
from the school
of hard knocks

People feel betrayed
by the system
where the human
is free to get crushed
in the grinders
of greed

Nature is only
a tool
a commodity
to make $$$$
which always comes
and in the middle

My first vote
in '72
I take pride
in never voting
for Bush dynasty
Clinton dynasty
or Obama
but I still go
to the polls

I believe in the idea
that the people rule
but the problem
is the people
can't decide on
what they don't
corporate media
drowns the story
and upgrades
and sports pages

As the old
saying goes
you are what you eat
same goes for media
we become what we
are told
by the oligarchy
that owns the TV,
radio, newspaper,
(with a couple
notable exceptions
here or there)

One time
in the voting booth
I had no one to
even if I held
my nose
So I put
the ballots
thru the machine
as blank
as when they
were handed to me

I don't want
to give up my vote
I just can't wait
for the elections
to be over
so we can
get back to work
on what counts

Space Launch Privatization Costing Taxpayers Dearly

An Orbital Sciences Corp. rocket carrying a cargo spacecraft on a mission to the International Space Station (ISS) exploded seconds after liftoff on October 28. The Antares rocket lifted off from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at Wallops Island, Virginia. Approximately ten seconds after liftoff, however, an explosion took place at the base of the rocket’s first stage. The rocket fell back to the ground near the launch pad, triggering a second, larger explosion.

Reports from Orbital were that the cargo module was carrying hazardous materials and they warned residents to avoid any contact with debris. That could mean many things including radioactive materials were onboard - one thing you can be sure of - neither Orbital nor NASA will inform the public what the 'hazardous materials' really are.

The mission, valued at more than $200 million, is part of the Obama administration's program of privatization of launch services.  Orbital has a $1.9 billion contract to launch eight such missions to the ISS in the coming years. This ill-fated mission was the third.

There appears to be on-going problems with the engines on the Antares rocket.  Last May when the engine was tested at the NASA Stennis Space Center in Mississippi there was an explosion and a $17.5 million loss.  

US launch services are turning out to be highly problematic.  Since NASA retired the shuttle program in 2011 the space agency has had to rely on the Russians to ferry astronauts to the ISS.  (The ISS cost taxpayers $100 billion to build.) Orbital and Space X have been awarded the contracts to transport supplies to the space station.  Luckily for NASA and the present international crew of six astronauts on the ISS the Russians were planning a cargo resupply launch on October 29.  If that launch goes haywire the six astronauts could be hurting.

The Russians have given NASA notice that they will stop transports to the ISS in 2020.  After that the US will have to figure it out for themselves.  One Russian leader suggested that NASA use a trampoline to get astronauts to the ISS.

Last night I was called by RT and did an interview about this launch accident via Skype.  In the interview I was asked why the US had privatized the NASA launch program.  My response was that the aerospace industry is eager to make space operations a profit generating enterprise by having the taxpayers pay them to venture into the heavens.  The corporations are particularly eager to advance space technology to the point that they can begin space mining operations.  There were apparently some experiments on the cargo re-supply mission that had to do with asteroid mining.

Aerospace corporation lawyers are very active these days trying to rewrite the U.N.'s Moon and Outer Space Treaties that forbid individuals, corporations, or particular countries from claiming ownership of the planetary bodies.  So the agenda is clear - privatize space operations and rewrite space law to allow the aerospace industry to claim ownership of the heavens.  But clearly they want the taxpayers to pay the freight charges.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Amtrak Goes Spy Crazy

Are you nervous or calm on a train? Do you look around when you're on the phone or stare straight ahead? Are you the first to leave the train or do you loiter behind other passengers? Well, you better know the answer to these questions otherwise the US National Train Service "Amtrak" will report you to the cops. RT's Marina Portnaya explains what classifies as "suspicious activity".

My Techno Talk in NYC

Space Technology’s Role in Corporate 
Full Spectrum Dominance

I live in Bath, Maine where Navy destroyers are built.  These ships are outfitted with so-called “missile defense” systems that the Pentagon is today using to help surround Russia and China. Few people in my community, including  activists, are interested in where these ships go or what their military mission is.  It’s not popular to raise these questions – especially when Bath Iron Works is the largest industrial employer in our state.

In the US today 59% of every federal discretionary tax dollar goes to the Pentagon to fund the cancerous war machine. Our communities have become addicted to military spending as our physical and social infrastructure continues to deteriorate. There is virtually no money for anything else these days as we witness austerity cuts in social programs all around the globe. 

The Pentagon says that America’s role under corporate globalization of the world economy will be “security export.”  We won’t have conventional jobs making things useful to our communities; instead we will build weapons for endless war and send our kids overseas to die for the oil corporations.

In fact, today weapons are the number one industrial export of the US. And when weapons are your number one industrial export product, what is your global marketing strategy for that product line? What does it say about the soul of our nation that we have to keep selling weapons and killing people in order to provide jobs so workers can feed their families?

In addition to coordinating the Global Network I am a member of Veterans For Peace, and just days ago we completed a low-tech 125-mile walk across parts of our state that we called Walk for Peace & a Sustainable Future. Increasingly, the only real job investment money coming into Maine (and across the nation) from the federal government is for military weapons production.  Now, nearly 10% of Maine’s economy is reliant on weapons contracts.

We began the walk up in the beautiful mountain and lakes region called Rangeley where the Pentagon’s ‘Missile Defense Agency’ is considering putting up to 60 so-called ‘missile defense interceptors,’ which, in fact, are key elements in US first-strike attack planning and are aimed at Russia and China. Narrow, winding roads would have to be bulldozed and widened and huge holes would have to be blasted into the mountains in order to insert the missile silos. Toxic rocket fuel would be trucked in and stored – the same rocket fuel that is now contaminating water sources in 22 states across the nation. The whole plan would be an environmental disaster and would cost taxpayers more than $4 billion.

This program is an important illustration of how the nation increasingly puts blind faith in space technology to fight modern wars.

Come to find out the Pentagon didn’t want this expensive program, but pressure on Congress from the Boeing Corporation forced it to go forward with an environmental impact statement process and public hearings in four states (including Maine) to select an ‘east coast deployment’ site for the missile defense base.

Another major weapons program being built that the Pentagon did not actually want is also in Bath, Maine. General Dynamics Corporation owns Bath Iron Works where destroyers for the Navy are built. The standard destroyers cost $1.5 billion each and are outfitted with another version of these ‘missile defense’ interceptor missiles – which have had much success in their testing program.  But after Obama became president he forced the Pentagon to build the new high-tech ‘stealth’ destroyer called the Zumwalt the job of which is to sneak up on China and blast it with electro-magnetic rail guns and other weapons systems. This is part of Obama’s ‘pivot’ of 60% of US military forces into the Asia-Pacific to provocatively confront and control China.

As it turns out the majority stockholders in General Dynamics are the Crown family in Chicago who helped Obama get elected to the presidency. So he owed them, and the new Zumwalt stealth destroyer, at a cost to taxpayers of between 4 and 6 billion dollars per copy, is their reward.

As part of the US pivot to China the Pentagon needs more airfields for warplanes, barracks for troops, and ports of call for the warships being re-deployed into the Asia-Pacific. So in places like Jeju Island, South Korea we see a 500-year-old farming and fishing culture being torn apart and UNESCO-recognized world- heritage soft coral reefs just offshore being destroyed as a naval base is being built for US nuclear subs, aircraft carriers and the destroyers made in my hometown of Bath.  

Endangered coral reefs in the Philippines, Australia, Hawaii, Okinawa, and other places are similarly being severely impacted by US military expansion across the region. The Global Network is working hard to build international support for the local struggles against US military devastation of the environment and way of life of these communities.

The Pentagon has the largest carbon boot print on the planet… but sadly, there is little acknowledgement of that fact by most climate change groups, which well illustrates the “off limits” nature of the growing military domination of our society.

Some environmental leaders have told me over the years that they don’t want to negatively impact their ‘positive working relationship’ with Democrats in Congress by taking on the more controversial military issues, which most Democrats fully support because they bring jobs to their districts.

We have become an occupied nation.  The corporate oligarchy that runs the show in Washington uses space-based technologies to spy on us and to direct all warfare on the planet. In a way, you could call today’s expensive military satellites the “triggers” that make the high-tech weapons like drones and missiles work.  These satellites allow the military to see everything, hear everything, and to target virtually every place on the planet.

The military industrial complex has become the primary resource-extraction service for corporate capitalism and is preparing future generations for its dead end street of endless war.

In the US, approximately 40% of all scientists, engineers and technical professionals currently work in the military sector. This is a colossal waste of talent and intellectual resources as we face the coming reality of climate change.

Due to the fiscal crisis across the nation, engineering, computer science, mathematics, astronomy, and chemistry departments in colleges and universities have become increasingly dependent on Pentagon funding. We are sold the line that high-tech robotic war will save American lives and will be a cheaper way to fight.

One key reason for the militarization of space is resource extraction on the planetary bodies.  The aerospace industry says they need nuclear power in space for mining the sky.  International space law is now being re-written to allow corporate control of the planetary bodies.  The plan is to scrap the United Nations Moon and Outer Space Treaties.

Rovers on Mars are powered with plutonium-238.  I organized campaigns to oppose nuclear launches in 1989, 1990, and 1997.  Space entrepreneur Elon Musk says we must move our civilization to Mars.  The Mars Society says the Earth “is a rotting, stinking, dieing planet” and that we have to move to Mars.  Imagine how much money that would cost?

The militarization of everything around us is a spiritual sickness.  Lakota holy man Lame Deer talked about the green frog skin – the dollar bill – and how the white man was blinded by his love for the paper money.  His spiritual connection to Mother Earth was broken. 

In 1877, the great Lakota warrior Crazy Horse was brought onto the reservation in South Dakota as the Indian wars came to an end. Along with the end of the Civil War just 12 years earlier the military industrial complex at the time saw an end to its massive war profits. It needed an enemy to keep the military production lines humming. So a strategy was developed: Journalists and artists were paid to fabricate stories about Crazy Horse breaking out of the reservation and going back on the warpath killing innocent white children, raping white women, and burning their houses to the ground. These stories were printed in major papers across the nation and the American people were afraid and outraged. Congress swung into action and appropriated more money for weapons production, while Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull sat inside their tepees on the reservation without a gun to their names.

Similarly in our times we’ve seen the military industrial complex fabricate stories about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq, and today we see ISIS (which was trained, armed, funded and directed by the CIA and Saudi Arabia) as the justification for the US to get back into Iraq and bomb Syria.

Studies by the economics department at UMASS-Amherst show that military spending creates the fewest jobs – while spending on solar, rail, wind turbines, education, health care, or repairing sewer and water systems and our roads and bridges creates more jobs with the same amount of money.

Abolitionist Frederick Douglas reminded us that power concedes nothing without a demand. When it comes to our current evil economic system, called militarism, we should be talking about its conversion and the jobs that would result from that transformation. 

Good jobs can be created by home weatherization and building rail systems that get us out of our gas guzzling cars. Legions of unemployed workers can be hired to run town and city organic gardens. As we reject our military industrial base we lessen the impact of the war machine on our lives. 

Without massive cuts in the Pentagon budget now we cannot kickstart our needed social redirection.

The integration of the economic conversion issue into the existing work of the peace, environmental, labor, and social justice movements could be a transformative strategy that would unify our disparate efforts and provide the despondent American people with a positive vision for the future. We don’t have any time to waste.

Thank you.

Can We See the Links Between Militarism and Eco-Decay?

Handing out flyers to workers at Bath Iron Works with an activist from Jeju Island, South Korea a few years ago.  The warships being built here in Maine are helping lead to the destruction of a 500-year old fishing and farming community in Gangjeong village. 

  • I'm back to work and trying not to get stressed over the workload after having been away for the peace walk and then trip to NYC.  Lots of new emails to add to the lists - not my favorite thing to spend time on.  I'd rather read articles and write blog posts.  But that side of my work is important and makes it possible for the whole Global Network operation to fit together.  I can partly thank the Air Force for training me how to administer an organization but most of the credit should go to my mother.  She was highly organized (kept lists of things to do) and trained me how to plan and delegate.  We moved every 2-3 years and with six kids she knew how to make it happen.  She had the skills to run any organization and it is a shame that she lived in a time that did not reward women for their talents.  In many ways she was disillusioned by society and became bitter in her old age.  Having come from parents who both immigrated from Italy she also had to deal with the killing of her culture - at home taught to honor the old ways but at school and everywhere else the message was to fit into the melting pot and join the rat race.  She was torn from the start and had a hard time getting her feet to land in one safe cultural place.  Like often happens to immigrants Gaetana Amelia Ruth DiCapua was dazed and confused.

  • Having just come from the Techno-Utopianism conference in NYC I am particularly in tune with the massive global corporate plan to wreck the planet.  One current example is Gangjeong village on Jeju Island.  The Korean government is talking about building two Ramada Hotels in the tiny farming and fishing village.  The Navy also wants more village land for military personnel housing.  The plan is to destroy the entire village.  The people are now in their 8th year of daily active non-violent resistance against the base.  As the word gets out more and more people from all over the world are going to Gangjeong in acts of solidarity.  When people go they learn more than just Navy base protesting - they are also transformed on a spiritual level as the resistance there is grounded in a deep love for nature and the overall web of life.  The Jeju struggle connects all the dots for me: save the environment, stop militarism, protect civil liberties, stop corporate power, and reestablish our spiritual nature to Mother Earth.

Ramada Hotels have their sights on Gangjeong village on Jeju Island.  Sailboats would replace fishing boats and hotels would replace fields for farming.  Where will we get our food if things keep going this way?

  • One disappointing aspect of the Techo-Utopianism conference was the fact that other than our one, last of the night, panel on high-tech militarism there was virtually no mention of war and the many Pentagon bootprints around the planet.  I heard only one passing reference to war during the other 20 hours of speakers.  It's hard to figure but appears to be evidence of the fact that people (even leading minds) get stuck in their silos and can't see beyond them.  The friggin war machine controls so much these days - most scientific research and development, Congressional funding priorities, and ultimately a growing segment of the national economy where people have jobs.  Too many environmental groups and leaders avoid the military story and there is a reason for it.  Much of the funding for these kinds of organizations comes from sources that at some level are often linked to the Democratic Party - either as members, donors, or ideological housemates.  The Democrats keep a tight lid on how much one is allowed to speak about our militarized society.  So while I am grateful for having been invited to bring that piece into the puzzle, I was also surprised that as global eco-leaders identify the 'problems' and look for solutions they rarely consider war and war preparations as key elements in any real organizing strategy or even discussion.  I think that is a big mistake.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Notes from the Techo-Utopianism Conference

We are on the train heading north to Maine.  The 22-hour marathon of speeches ended last night at 8:00 pm at the Techno Utopianism conference.  MB and I faithfully sat through all but two hours when we had to take a break.  The mind, and rear end, can only take so much.

I took lots of notes and won't bother writing up a full report.  Instead I think I'll just post some of the more interesting bits that various speakers had to say.  I'll not try to remember which speaker said what - it's the content that counts anyway.  They are in no particular order either.

  • Last year Monsanto spent $402 million on public relations marketing their product illusions
  • The average American watches 4.5 hours of TV per day and sees 30,000 commercials (that remain in our minds forever) per year
  • Land speculation (particularly in the developing world) is the new gold
  • The five largest banks hold more than one-half of total banking assets in the U.S.
  • A systemic analysis is crucial before successful political action can be taken
  • The more environmental desolation we create the more our soul becomes desolate
  • Nature is in us - ancient primal wisdom is a part of us
  • We living beings are of the metabolism of the universe
  • Geo-engineering is a fundamental strategy, and in the U.S. we do not have institutions that are strategic except the military
  • Bill Gates is a major funder of geo-engineering research
  • Gates' group is led by former Star Wars promoter Lowell Wood (Edward Teller was his mentor)
  • Learn more about Strato-Shield
  • Right-wing climate deniers now suggest geo-engineering as the way to deal with carbon emissions 
  • Unless something goes terribly wrong there won't be any real federal regulation of nano-technology.  The risks are huge but profits are equally enormous
  • We don't have technological assessment in our society
  • Bio-tech industry claims their GMO products are the solution to our problems
  • 70% of the planets fresh water is sucked up by industrial agriculture
  • Most genetically engineered crops today are used for bio-fuels to feed cars
  • Synthetic biology is extreme genetic engineering and would use DNA codes to produce various food products
  • Synthetic biology means a massive change in production that would displace millions of indigenous farmers around the world
  • Human genomes would be used to produce certain kinds of people
  • The world is turning against GMO products and corporations are having to spend huge amounts of money to campaign against labeling laws
  • There are now 300,000 cell towers across the U.S. 
  • There are biological effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, Smart Meters, Wifi, and cell towers
  • All great movements started with just a few people and only needed about 1% of the population to have success
  • Corporate science is secret, not peer reviewed, politically powerful, internationally connected, driven by narrow commercial pursuits, and is out to crush academic science
  • We can't write off left-right coalitions especially on issues like surveillance, civil liberties, sacredness of food, and geo-engineering of humans
  • 300-400 tons of radioactive water per day pours into the Pacific Ocean from the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan
  • Conversion of the military industrial complex creates more jobs when we build rail, solar, wind power and the like
  • The Pentagon has the largest carbon boot print on the planet
  • There has been a 50% decline in world wild life populations in recent years
  • War has become like cooking - we like to do it but don't like cleaning up the mess
  • We are living on the planet of the Apps!
  • We live in a state of perpetual on-line interruption
  • The reactionaries are the ones holding up the edifice of corporate capitalism
  • Climate chaos
  • We need to broadcast suspicion and caution against technology
  • Culture is used as a means of social control.  It can also be used as a means of resistance
  • What is real?
  • Corporations bought up climate data, bought up the land and now want to buy our intelligence
  • Higher values don't come from technology, they come from human and ecological values
  • GMO's are anti-food because it is killing us
  • Globalization can only deal with uniformity, localization is bio-diversity
  • We need a global movement to deal with the global problem of a global economy
  • We are talking about the 99% waking up to the techno-global juggernaut
  • Localization is a systemic shift away from the epidemic of economic empire
  • Shift corporate subsidies to support local bio-diversity
  • As things become more localized they become more transparent and accessible to the public
  • Competition and envy are the end result of the corporate consumer model
  • 70% of those who work on farms in the U.S. are not citizens
  • When capitalism crumbles the land will remain
  • How can young organic farmers, saddled with massive education debt, ever buy the land they farm on?
  • Where are we going with all this?
  • We have a society so addicted to fossil fuels that we do extreme things to get the oil and natural gas out of the ground
  • We've never changed our level of energy consumption
  • We need infrastructure for people not for oil companies.  We need decentralized power controlled by us rather than corporations
  • A key part of our movement is stopping the bad so the good can replace the destructive system
  • The Koch Brothers Industries have more wealth ($100 billion) than Bill Gates does
  • Koch Brothers ideological 'freedom' is an extreme form of cancerous capitalism which funds and directs the Tea Party movement
  • We have an ego problem that says one progressive organization is better than another.  Our division begins at that level
  • After 200 years of industrial capitalism we must continue our resistance against the dehumanizing and planet destroying machinery that is hurtful to community
  • Work should be a joyful experience where we give back to nature which gives us our life
  • We are on the verge of the inevitable transition from an economy based on new development to one based on restorative development.  Restoring local people to local places.  It is people who need restoring
  • Belonging is core
  • Our environmental laws don't work because they are based on a flawed concept of dominion over nature rather than community well being
  • One way to change the systemic problem of infinite growth on a finite planet is to recognize nature's right to exist
  • Nature is not property but a community member with an inherent right to exist
  • You can imagine an asteroid hitting the Earth but you can't imagine the end of capitalism.  Why do we imagine that economic ideas from previous centuries are forever relevant?
  • Modern civilization is killing us and we have to replace it with something else
  • Ecological economics puts the Earth first and humans as one species in a diverse natural system
  • Putting economic value first has to end
  • Changing our mindset is critical...neo-liberal capitalism has to go
  • The constituency for eco-degrowth is very small but it is going to happen
  • We need cooperation not competition.  Markets lead people to act selfishly.  Capitalism stimulates the wrong kind of behaviors
  • Rewilding the Earth and rewilding ourselves is the way out

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Techno-Utopianism at Cooper Union

MB and I are staying at a hotel along Korea Way in New York City.  Yesterday we spent a 12-hours listening to speeches at the Techo-Utopianism & the Fate of the Earth conference inside the Great Hall at Copper Union.

My panel (along with old friends Dr. Helen Caldicott and Gar Smith) was the last of the day beginning at 7:45 pm.  After we finished MB and I took a cab back to Korea Way and went inside an all-night Korean restaurant just across from our hotel and had a beer and steamed dumplings.  Perfect late night snack.

The podium used by all the speakers at the conference was the same one used by Abraham Lincoln when we spoke at Cooper Union in 1860.

Ralph Nader and Bill McKibben spoke just before my panel - it was that kind of a day.  One excellent speaker after the other on the great challenges facing our Mother Earth.  The main point of all the speeches is don't expect technology to bail us out of our current ecological mess - we've got to quit being sold the bill of goods that technology equals progress and should never be questioned. 

Things continue again today until just after 7:00 pm.  MB and I will then have dinner with Global Network board member Alice Slater who is also attending the conference.

We are back on the train to Boston early Monday morning.  I'll have time to write more about the conference then.  It's really been an honor to have been invited to speak along with such leading scholars and activists.

Sunday Song

Friday, October 24, 2014

U.S. Itching for Fight with Moscow

  • On the train from Boston to New York City catching up with emails and reading.  All signs are showing that the US-backed regime in Kiev, Ukraine is preparing to relaunch attacks on the eastern part of their nation - the area closest to the Russian border where the citizens have been repeatedly killed by shelling and death squads in recent months.

  • So-called liberal US Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) has joined with right-wing fanatic Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) in calling for Washington to send stockpiles to weapons to the Kiev forces that are increasingly under fascist control.  

  • The goal?  Obviously the plan, much like in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, is to create chaos as the precondition for the US-NATO forces to gain control of territory.  In this case the goal is expanding NATO bases into Ukraine and Georgia right on the Russian border.

  • Yes indeed one should call it a provocation.  If Russia or China were establishing military outposts in Canada and Mexico the US would be in a rage and would be engaging in direct warfare to remove them.  But when the US reverses the story line and moves military forces near Russia's border it is supposed to be accepted as if nothing at all of significance was happening.

  • When the US controlled Russia after the fall of the former Soviet Union all was fine.  Back then Russian leader (and alcoholic) Boris Yeltsin did the bidding of Wall Street and the CIA by turning over Russian economic sovereignty to the west.  Vladimir Putin is not playing along with that game anymore and thus is being demonized in the western media.  It's all quite easy to see if we just open our eyes - the writing is on the wall.  The US war machine is itching for a fight with Moscow - a fight none of us should feel good about.