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Monday, June 06, 2022

U.S. forced removal of Prime Minister Imran Khan



When you think about Pakistan's political history since 1947 since Pakistan came into being about 29 prime ministers have come into play and none of them have yet been able to complete their five-year term so I think that that says a lot about the political context in which Pakistan has been rooted in. 

As far as the Imran Khan regime goes I don't think that anyone even as far back as a month prior to his removal could have ever expected something like this to take place and that is because you could see Imran Khan visited the Beijing olympics; he on the very day that Russia announced the invasion of Ukraine it was Imran Khan was in the office with Putin meeting him to essentially bargain for reduced oil prices and things were going quite well in terms of foreign policy when it came to Pakistan he was also a populist leader and although reports have claimed that Imran Khan was aware of this no-confidence motion being orchestrated by the opposition since July of last year I don't think that anyone I don't think he even gave anyone a hint of what was to come so it was quite a shock at the Pakistani population when this did take place in March 2022. 

Fatima Ayub (From Lahore, Pakistan) 
Journalist, Lawyer. Strategic Security Analyst


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