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Sunday, June 19, 2022

'I don't know if I will survive another war'



Again the Ukraine forces set another record of the heaviest attacks on the city of Donetsk, in all 8 years of this war, with a purportedly over 400 artillery shells fired on the streets of Donetsk from Ukrainian held territory. 
At about 7:30 am yesterday the 18th intense shelling went on the city of Donetsk In the center and other regions. At about 9:30 my team and I went to the Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk after hearing reports of shelling there. After arriving the shelling continued and we spent the next 90 min carefully avoiding shelling as it rained down on this residential area so we could document the attack. 
While there and in this report we documented and saw with our own eyes impacts and damage to at least 8 apartment buildings, an Electronic equipment factory, a farmers market, and 3 small stores. We came across a group of people digging through debris to find their friend's bodies (hopefully alive) after Ukraine shelled a market. As I came up one of the elderly man fell down while searching, so I helped him up and joined them in the search. 
We only found one of their friends (not alive). We could not find the other 2. I pray they made it out alive. We saw one civilian killed by the shelling, one injured and 2 missing and presumed dead. 
To be clear this location is one of the MANY that took heavy shelling throughout the day in Donetsk. 


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