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Friday, June 17, 2022

Free speech gone?



Fascism is roaring back - this story plus UK going to send Julian Assange back to US - free speech and free journalism is fading fast in the so-called 'democratic west'.


German journalist Alina Lipp runs a Telegram channel "News from Russia." Since she has been living in Donetsk for six months, the 28-year-old has been able to report authentically and directly from the region affected by the war since February - from the Russian perspective. The great need for such first-hand information caused the number of subscribers to grow from a few thousand to 155,000 in just a few months.

On Wednesday, Alina Lipp sent an appeal to her colleagues and users and posted letters from the Lüneburg public prosecutor's office addressed to her on the Internet. As can be seen from the documents, Lipp is being investigated under Section 140 of the Criminal Code for "rewarding and approving of crimes." In the letter, which is also intended to justify the confiscation of funds in the amount of 1,600 euros and the "withholding" of another 12,000 euros from her German donation account, the reasons are given, which are really hard hitting.

Since, according to the public prosecutor's office, "Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, which began on February 24" constitutes a crime under Section 13 of the Code of Crimes against International Law (crime of aggression), approving it is also a punishable offence.

Part of the prosecutor’s statement:

Lipp's statements on social channels are likely to incite the psychological climate within the population of the Federal Republic, to bring about dissent within society and to sow doubts about the functionality of public opinion-forming and the truthfulness of media reporting within the Federal Republic of Germany.


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