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Monday, June 27, 2022

Message to the French



Ukrainian Army used French CAESAR self-propelled howitzer during Donetsk shelling — France was promised the weapon would not be used against civilians.

The video shows the consequences of the shelling of the Donetskgorvodokanal, an enterprise for bottling drinking water, which was delivered to ordinary residents. 

The building was fired upon from a French CAESAR self-propelled howitzer, a shell hit the boiler room, breaking through the wall and destroying the equipment. The strikes are still hitting, according to the Readovka military correspondent Evgeny Linin. 

Evgeny showed footage of shells found near the Donetskgorvodokanal. There are reasons to believe that one of them is French: the French marking "MURAT" and the range of the AFU positions prove it. Ukrainians "move away" as far as possible, because the CAESAR range (42km) allows them to. By the way, the range of American M777 howitzers is 24 km. 

According to the DPR JCCC, a total of 9 civilian infrastructure facilities were hit.


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