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Thursday, April 08, 2021

Zelensky playing brave war leader on the front


Ukraine's President Zelensky (former TV comedian) visited the 'front-line' of the Kiev puppet regime's war on the people of the Donbass yesterday. He delivered word to 'his troops' that anyone who died fighting the 'Moskals' (evil Russians) would be remembered as heroes of the nation.

  • Donbass Insider reports: One of the places chosen for the Zelensky visit was the village of Maryinka, opposite Donetsk, which is currently occupied by units of the 28th mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces. This unit constantly uses terrorist methods of warfare. It is a sniper of the 28th Brigade from positions in Maryinka on March 22 that killed a 71-year-old grandfather who was in the yard of his own house in Alexandrovka. All the positions visited by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Zelensky had welcoming slogans and flags. One of them hanging at the positions of 28 Brigade in Maryinka, turned out to be a Wehrmacht flag of Nazi Germany. (See short video below)


  • One possible strategy that the US may be undertaking in Ukraine is to divide the nation in half as was done in Korea and Vietnam. By forcing a war in the Donbass, and generating a Russian response, the US then creates the conditions where it would 'appear to be acceptable' for the US-NATO to set up a permanent military base in western Ukraine - where the Nazi's predominate - as a way to protect the people of Ukraine from an 'aggressive' Russia.  Thus the US 'allows' the Donbass region to essentially reunite with Russia while Washington focuses on its real long-term goal - a military base in Ukraine near the Russian border where on-going destabilization can continue. Ukraine is being turned into a failed state.  It is surely not in Russia's interests to have a failed state on its border.
  • The US is currently using a similar strategy in Syria where its troops have now set up virtual permanent operations in the oil/water rich region of the country.  Trump bragged that the US was taking their oil and selling it to pay for its military operations. Biden is continuing this thieving policy.
  • I've read twice that Ukrainian military commanders have polled their troops who are now hunkered down facing the Donbass about whether they supported a war.  They were given two stones - one black and one white.  One meant yes I support and the other no.  They placed their vote in a pot and apparently the secret vote was overwhelmingly to oppose war.  Most of the soldiers (conscripted or just in dire need of a job) are not anxious to meet their maker as they know is surely to happen if they take on the Donbass self-defense forces who will be backed up by Russian military forces. So not all of Kiev's troops are Nazis. When some of these conscripts try to run away they are often shot in the back by the Nazi death squads who are there to keep the troops in line.
  • A recon team of three Ukrainian Army soldiers was sent to sneak into Donbass during dark, rain and foggy night in order to try to remove land mines that they had previously placed.  The goal was to clear a path for an eventual onslaught by Kiev's Nazi troops to mount a surprise attack on the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) self defense forces.  One of the three was shot dead and the other two ran back to safety. So along with the shelling continually being aimed at the DPR and Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) it is clear that the war is on and heating up fast.
  • The Zelensky escapade on the front-lines reminds me of another ill-fated politician in 1988 (during his run for US president as a Democrat). Mike Dukakis from Massachusetts climbed on-board a tank with an oversized helmet on to show that he too would be tough on the Russians during the days of the Cold War.  It didn't work out well for him either. He lost to George H. W. Bush (former head of the CIA) in the general election.



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