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Thursday, April 08, 2021

Myanmar: Another U.S. sponsored color revolution


CONFIRMED: Myanmar Opposition is ARMED

After weeks of denying the violence carried out by US-backed opposition groups in Myanmar, US-funded propaganda outlets like Myanmar Now are finally admitting and making excuses for the opposition fighting government security forces with war weapons.

The opposition has announced a parallel government the US is likely going to “recognize” and offer military support to - creating a catastrophe directly on China’s as well as Thailand’s borders in a chain of events identical to the US engineered “Arab Spring” and interventions in Libya and Syria in 2011.


Myanmar Now (US NED-funded) - As slaughter of civilians continues, some decide it’s time to take up arms: As slaughter of civilians continues, some decide it’s time to take up arms | Myanmar NOW (

Columbia Journalism Review - Myanmar’s Other Reports (paragraph 19, Myanmar Now’s NED funding): Myanmar’s Other Reporters - Columbia Journalism Review (

US National Endowment for Democracy - Burma (2020): BURMA 2020 - NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY (


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