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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Kiev's Nazi Army kills young boy in Donbass with drone


By Christelle Néant

Donbass Insider reports:

On Saturday 3 April 2021, a Ukrainian army drone dropped what appeared to be an improvised explosive device in the courtyard of a house in the village of Alexandrovskoe, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), killing a child and injuring the child’s grandmother. 

Ukrainian army uses drone to kill child

On Saturday afternoon, 4.5-year-old Vladislav was playing in the courtyard of his grandparents’ house in Alexandrovskoe, a village far enough from the front line (15 km) that there was no fear of the child risking anything by playing outside. His grandmother was watching him from the entrance to the house when an explosion occurred in the yard right next to Vladislav.


The child was thrown and literally shredded by the small balls contained in the explosive device that a Ukrainian army drone had just dropped in the yard. His grandmother was thrown backwards and injured by the shards of glass from the exploding windows.

When she gets up, the scene before her eyes is a vision of horror. Her 4.5-year-old grandson lies dead on the ground. The body is horribly mutilated by the explosion. The child has lost both hands and a foot. Vladislav had no chance of survival.

We arrived in Alexandrovskoe after the funeral of little Vladislav. His grandmother, who was too distraught, was not able to answer our questions, so it was his grandfather and neighbours who told us what had happened. 

See the rest of the story here


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