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Monday, April 12, 2021

Who is next in line?



Baseball has recently started and a limited number of fans are back in the stands.  I am glad to see that. I've been watching baseball my entire life and one necessary ingredient for the game is the spirit of the people.  It is a way for the community to gather. Humans need one another.

Sadly we live in a time of high-technocracy where the 1% rulers don't need so many of us anymore.  They have a multi-faceted program of thinning the population (wars, cutbacks in social spending, bad medical care, etc ) but under international law virtually all their actions are crimes against humanity.

The Nazis are not gone

While in college I worked part-time for a disabled woman. I did yard work and anything else she needed. She was writing a book on genocide and one day sent me to the library to make copies of resource documents. I found one book she wanted that had a copy of Hitler's 'Caloric Reduction Intake Schedule' that was used in the Warsaw, Poland ghetto.

Apparently by this time the gas chambers were full (and becoming well known) so a more 'subtle' measure was needed in order to reduce the Jewish population of Warsaw. They scientifically broke down the numbers on how to kill large numbers of people in a 'less visible' way. 

And it worked.  Just as it works today in Palestine, Yemen, in the Amazon forest or the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota. 

One should question the humanity of the 1% - they are so greedy and their spiritual connection to all the rest of life around them appears dead. It's like we are from two separate planets. 

I don't know about you but (even at my age) I am angry knowing they are working overtime to keep up with their high-tech created quota of those who need to be 'returning to their maker' ASAP.

There is no justice in this insanity. 

Talk about feelings of exceptionalism - these cats think they are god. 

Not my god.



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