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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

History flashback: Why NATO's destruction of Libya?



Who gave NATO forces in Libya the right to eliminate Qaddafi? 

This story is one example of why Putin is demonized by the west.  The US-NATO claim that they cherish the 'rule of law'. But in the case of Libya (2011) we saw the destruction of that nation and the ugly street assassination of Qaddafi. What about his right to a fair trial? Washington was afraid to put him on the witness stand.

(Recall Hillary Clinton's famous words at the time: "We came, we saw, he died"). Clinton showed her dark heart in that moment.  Pure arrogance.


Overthrowing Qaddafi was a humanitarian and strategic debacle. It was also illegal under international law.  But who would ever hold US-NATO responsible for these crimes?

So when Putin dared to simply raise questions he signaled to Washington-Brussels that he was not playing along with their game.  This was around the time that the vicious demonization of Putin and Russia really ramped up.

I know it is not 'popular' to defend Putin (or Qaddafi for that matter) but I'm an old man now and have little to lose - except my own conscience.

This is the world we live in today.  Anyone who dares to defend the demonized is demonized in return. People say, "You must have been Putinized".

My response is no - I'm actually an independent thinker who just searches for truth and tries to actually defend international law - even if that is not the popular thing to do - especially for those who live inside the most unlawful nation on the planet.



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