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Friday, April 16, 2021

Biden's magic tricks - watch both hands



Yesterday I watched with outrage, and some amusement, as Joe Biden held a press briefing (only took two questions at the end as he started to walk away).

Here are a few things he said and some of my reactions - in parenthesis:


  • Elections are sacred (that is a joke coming from the US which interferes in other nations elections quite routinely. This Democratic party talking point of 'Russian interference in US elections' for more than four years running has yet to be proven with any real evidence).
  • Biden brought up the alleged 'SolarWinds cyber hack' (which again has not been proven with the slightest bit of evidence. Intelligence agencies can make all kinds of claims but who will confirm if they are true? The mainstream media? Hardly).
  • Biden announced new expulsions of Russian diplomats and new sanctions. (More of the same).
  • Biden claimed he wants 'a more stable relationship' with Russia. (Anyone who is closely following US moves in Ukraine, and the surrounding regions, clearly understands that it is Washington that is 'destabilizing' things in that part of the world.  Just today it was announced in Russian media, not in western media, that Washington, Oslo Sign Revised Deal to Allow Expansion of US Military in Norway.
  • Biden droned on with claims that the US was eager to extend the New Start Treaty, wants better communication, wants to meet Putin in person someplace in Europe, and that now is the 'time to deescalate'. (Yes, the US wants Moscow to pull its troops back from inside its own border with Ukraine. All the while the US continues with arming Kiev's Nazi army, NATO expansion, war games on Russia's border and Pentagon troop deployments in Norway, Poland, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and more! Hardly a fair trade.)
  • Biden concluded by saying, 'I'm opposed to Nord Stream 2 - that issue is still in play'. (The undersea natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany has continually been challenged by Washington. The US instead wants Europe to buy LNG fracked gas, transported on ships across the Atlantic, at a much higher price.  German industry wants Nord Stream 2.)
  • This morning I heard on BBC radio that Ukraine's comedian-president Zelensky was in Paris.  Germany and France for years have been trying to get Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements between Kiev and the Donbass.  Kiev signed the agreements but has never honored them.  
  • Ukrainian forces violated the Minsk agreement ceasefire 36 times over the past week, said DPR People’s Militia deputy chief-of-staff Eduard Basurin. The enemy used mortars, IFVs, anti-aircraft guns, and grenade launchers to target 16 DPR townships.


  • So is the US really serious about a stable relationship with Russia and deescalation in the region? No.  Check out the Rand Corporation study that clearly lays out the US strategy of destabilization and break up of Russia into smaller countries in order for western fossil fuel corporations to get their greedy hands on the resources that are beneath the melting Arctic ice.



Blogger Patrick DeBoard said...

Excellent report. Thanks, Bruce!

4/16/21, 6:25 PM  

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