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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Latest bad news from Gangjeong village. The South Korean government is trying to push all protesters away from the rocky coastline and from the ocean.

Tomorrow there will be trail for 9 people on Jeju Island. Please pray for them. Kang-Ho Song, KwonIl Ko, JongHwan Kim, Kyong bo Jeong, Hyoknam Kim, JongDae Che, Bongheon Kim, Jin Taek Jeon, SungHee Choi. They were the people who had been arrested on 19 May, when the construction companies had demolished tents and vinyl house on Joonduk coast and arrested Sunghee. Sunghee has been in prison since then.

Jeju District Prosecutors' Office plans to merge her case and other 8 case together. So at the same day all of 9 people should stand trial on court.

In addition.....

1. yesterday, 14 villagers of Kangjeong got the claim for damages from Navy through Jeju local court. The total amount is 289,780,810 Won (annual interest rate 20%)
in this claim, there is not any activist but all Gangjeong villagers

2. today, 72 persons + 5 organizations got a letters "Notice of the interrogation date". This interrogation is regarding "applying by Navy, prohibition for disturbing construction and its provisional disposition"

What the government wrote..

1. the offeree shoud not get in public water surface area, cannot disturb applicant [Navy] using the public water surface area and their staying.

2. the offeree should not do any kind of behaviors that could be disturbing construction work in each public water surface areas

3. the offeree Peace-Life Association, Jeju-Participation Enviromental Association, SPARK, The Frontiers, Gangjeong village cannot let the staffs or member of them violate No. 1 and NO. 2

4. the offeree Gangjeong village, Kang dong Kyun, Ko Kwon Il, Kim Yeong Sam should remove all facilities in this area, in 7 days since date of determination to deliver the original copy

5. The offeree Gangjoeng village, Kang dong kyun, Ko Kwon Il, Kim Yeong Sam, in case of default number 4, applicant can let the executors who applicant delegated could remove these facilities by the cost of The offeree.

6. the executors should announce properly regards its purpose.

7. The offeree in case of default the number 1, 2, or 3 responsibility, then, the executors can make the appropriate disposition in order to remove the violation.

8. The offeree in case of default the number 1,2, ro 3' responsibility, then the offeree should pay to applicant 5,000,000 Won for each case of violation.

9. applying cost is coverd by the offeree' charge

The Offeree list
1. Kang Dong Kyun
2. Kang Moon Sin
3. Kang Min Bu
4. Kang Seong Bo
5. Kang Seong Won
6. Kang Yong Gun
7. Kang Yong Bo
8. Kang Jong Gun
9. Kang Jeong Sun
10. Kang Jeong Sun
11. Kang Chong Ja
12. Kang Hee Ung
13. Ko Kwon Il
14. Ko Nam Seng
15. Ko Nam Suk
16. Ko Myong Jin
17. Ko Bok Jun
18. Ko Si Lim
19. Ko Yeong Jin
20. Ko Jong In
21. Kim Gab Duk
22. Kim Kyong Il
23. Kim Kyong Ja
24. Kim Kyu Nam
25. Kim Mi Ryang
26. Kim Min Soo
27. Kim Bu Yong
28. Kim Bu Hyun
29. Kim Se Ri
30. Kim A-Hyun
31. Kim Yeong Sam
32. Kim Jae Hu
33. Kim Jong Il
34. Kim Jong Hwan
35. Kim Tae Won
36. Kim Hun Sob
37. Kim Hun Seong
38. KIm Hun Chol
39. Park Se Beom
40. Park Youn Ae
41. Song Kang Ho
42. Song Yeong Sub
43. Yang Yoon Mo
44. Yoon Kyong Pil
45. Yoon Gun Ho
46. Yoon Sang Don
47. Yoon Sang Hyo
48. Yoon Yeong Pil
49. Yoon Yong Pil
50. Yoon Chan Bum
51. Yoon Chang Sub
52. Yoon Chun Gwang
53. Yoon Ho kyong
54. Lee Dal On
55. Lee Dok Gun
56. Lee Bang Gun
57. Lee Yang Jun
58. Lee Yong Ja
59. Lee Jeong Hoon
60. Lee Hang Jun
61. Im Sang Beum
62. Jeong Kyong Bo
63. Jeong Sun SeonJ
64. Jeong Yeong Hee
65. Jo Kyong Chol
66. Jo Su Jun
67. Jo Seong Bong
68. Jo Yong Jin
69. Jo Yong Hun
70. Jin Se Jong
71. Choi Sung Hee
72. Han Jeong Ae
73. Life-Peace association represetative : Hwang Dae Kwon
74. Jeju participation emviromental association representative: Lee Ji Hoon, Jo Seong Yoon.
75. SPARK representative Moon Kyu Hyun
76. The Frontiers Hur Chol
77. KangJeong Village Leader Kang Dong Kyun


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