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Monday, July 18, 2011


Mr. Ko after his arrest

Not a North Korean, not a man better than North Korean either

Republic of Korea (ROK), why do you arrest my friends? They were just trying to protect Gureombi, the living Rocks which give inspiration. Can you see the beautiful Gureombi? Professor Song, Kang-Ho and Ko Kwon-Il are innocent. They were just men who protect the sea and the beach of Gangjeong, just the keeper of peace.

In the morning of 17th July, before trial, a few people stand alone protesting in front of the Jeju local court. In the silent standing, please listen, please listen carefully the humble shouting.

At 11 am, the Jeju local court started trial, and finished around 12:00. Around 13:00, within the short 1 hour, the decision had been made. Professor Song, Kang-Ho and Ko Kwon-Il, one of the main leader in Gangjeong against naval base, will be detained in prison just like Choi, Sung-Hee’s case. In a very short time, they too will be moved from police station to prison.

If disturbing Samsung or Dalin’s business profit or interfering the ghost-like naval base is a sin, then what about murdering Gureombi, what about constructing the naval base in the absolute conservation area? Isn’t it a sin?

Navy of ROK, you can apply the injunction to 77 villagers. Samsung, Dalin, you can request the police to arrest the keeper of peace and environment for guarding the unjust profit. But all these unwise behaviors cannot undermine the justice. Our mind is clear about this.

When one of my friend protested alone in front of the naval base, a navy solider came and asked him “Are you a North Korean?” For them, are all the people who stand up against the naval base according to their conscientiousness the enemies such like people of North Korean? Is that true?

I wonder what’s the difference? If we all got a chance to look deeply into the eyes of North Korea soldiers, and we look back again the eyes of the ROK soldiers, will we find out big difference between them? If we find the loyalty to the country and the discrimination to each other in both eyes of the North and South, if we also see the love of them to their family and friends, and the happiness, anger, sadness, and joyfulness in both eyes of the North and South, then which side could really be like “North Korean”? What is "North Korea" which they mentioned?

Is the issue of Naval base construction only between North and South? Is the issue of Naval Base construction only the North East Asia regional problem? Isn’t it an issue, an problem or an barrier between just you and me?

Yesterday in the trial, the judge asked Bro Song and Mr. Ko: if we released you, will you repeat doing the same things? They answered that if the police would have monitored and stopped the illegal construction in time which will bring the irreversible damage, then why must we take action like this by our own.

If not, following their conscientiousness, how can they not practice righteousness and justice? Please listen carefully with your heart, listen to the shouting from the humble people.

Emily Wang
Jeju Island


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