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Monday, July 11, 2011


I am sitting in the courtroom a half hour before our trial is to begin. Luckily they have wireless here. A real nasty young woman U.S. Marshall just came into the room looking for bombs and is bossing those of us in here around. I see they pick hard and unhappy people for the job.

We held an hour long vigil outside the courthouse where we stood behind banners and signs and sang songs. One TV camera showed up and filmed statements from several of our people. We handed out copies of our news release to folks on the street who would take them.

In the photo above are four others who are here on trial for our March 19 protest at the White House. Yesterday we met at a local church for several hours to make plans for today. We have two volunteer attorneys and some of the 19 defendants will represent themselves.

I stayed at the Catholic Worker House last night and friend Art Laffin, who lives there, is also on trial today.

It will be interesting how this all plays out. Art says our judge, who heard a recent trial when Guantanamo protesters had the charges dropped on a technicality, was moved by testimony about international law as justification for that particular protest and arrests. So we'll soon find out how open he really is.

The judge just came in and I'd better shut this down for now. More later.

Just one other note: I got an email this morning from South Korea saying the villagers had purchased a boat and motor with the funds we raised at their request. They had enough left over that they will also purchase a sea kayak. So many thanks to those of you who contributed to the fund.


Blogger Marty said...

Interesting post about the trial in DC about the March 19th protest. Are there other stories on the web either the press conference, or the trial?
Since you are defending yourself, do you plan to file a pleading for the judge to read ahead of time, or do you plan to present your case all orally?
Do you mind saying what line your defense will take?
(I was there in Dec with VFP, and Jan with WAT)

7/14/11, 3:13 PM  

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