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Friday, July 08, 2011


Famous South Korean Catholic priest Father Moon arrives in Gangjeong village on Jeju Island on a new scooter given to him by the nation's head bishop.

Latest news from an activist in Gangjeong village:

Yesterday the Republic of Korea's defense minister pushed the prime minister to accelerate the heavily dangerous construction of the Gangjeong naval base.

As you may know that military base is meant to be one of the main center of weaponry deployment in all Asia and Pacific…

Today we, activists struggling within the construction zone, faced three strong attacks led by the Korean-US government:

1. The national government is on his on way to cut the local electrical power lines that help us to broadcast the situation to all of you internationally.

2. The destruction of the touristic lovely trail that pass in our resistance camp, in front of the construction site has been announced.

3. Articles have been published today in several famous national newspapers, dishonestly qualifying us as "a bunch of dangerous pro-North Korean government communists". National media brainwashing... Here, there is no so-called dangerous people, among us Gangjeong activists, but only conscious beings that work for peace.

Soon the trial of 8 of our most devoted and influential activists will start (15th of July), they are accused of obstructing the military construction works. They are accused of being active humanists.

Now we are reaching the Zenith of the Struggle for Peace in Asia, in the World.

If you have not yet signed the petition in support of the villagers please do so by clicking here

An interesting bit of coverage below thanks to Twittering friends.....


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