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Sunday, July 31, 2011


This photo is Enchanted Pond where MB and I spent the past week in a cabin. It's actually a lake but Mainers like to call them ponds.

One day we took a canoe around the entire pond and had lunch on the porch of an old cabin on the other side. It was wonderfully quiet. We took several long hikes in the woods or on old logging roads. Getting to this camp (which has seven cabins) took a long 12-mile ride on dusty and rocky roads from the main highway. We only left the camp once, on my birthday, to go into the town of Jackman so I could get a wireless connection at the local library and have dinner at a local restaurant.

I read three books, slept late everyday and talked with some of the others who were at the camp, including a couple who were both Maine hunting/fishing guides and like to come to Bulldog Camp on their free time. Their hound dog chased rabbits in the woods for an hour at a time.

Because of my severely skinned knee I was not able to swim in the amazing pond - my biggest sadness during the week. The water was calling me, calling me - I love to swim. Ugh!

The cabins had no electricity but did have gas lights and stove. One night I made a fire outside and cooked on the grill.

We saw no moose, bears, deer or fish. We did hear loons calling one evening and enjoyed the many birds that flew around us. We picked wild blueberries and raspberries on our walks.

So it was just what we both needed....a week away from it all..... sleeping , reading, walking and eating.

Now that I am home the garden needs tending and I have much work to get caught up with. It's nice to be back.


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