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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Global Network Solidarity Letter: Close Diego Garcia Down!

Runway at US war base on Diego Garcia.  Years ago the UK threw the indigenous Chagossian people off the island and turned it over to the US to use as a base that has bombed Iraq, Afghanistan and been a rendition site where the Pentagon has tortured people from those wars.  The 50-year lease runs out this December and the Chagossians are demanding the base be returned to the people.

Dear friends at LALIT,

It is with heavy hearts but much respect that we send our solidarity wishes to you.  For too long the UK and the US have been complicit in the stealing of your lands on Diego Garcia for a secret war base that has been destroying other innocent people around the world.  We are closely following your valiant efforts to bring this case of international theft and hypocrisy to the International Court of Justice in The Hague and the UN General Assembly.

Now that the 50-year illegal “lease” of Diego Garcia by Britain to the USA is due to expire in December, it is the perfect moment for peace organizations around the world to speak with one voice.  The time has come to close Diego Garcia down!

We note with great interest that your International Action Conference on Diego Garcia is being held during our annual Keep Space for Peace Week (October 1-8) of local actions around the world.  We shall remind people during this period that we are in favour of complete decolonization of your homeland.

Diego Garcia today is a prime deployment site for the Pentagon’s Space Surveillance Network, one of 25 such locations with ground-based radars and optical sensors worldwide that are used to give the US ‘full spectrum dominance’.  Diego Garcia also serves as a key installation in the Air Force’s Satellite Control Network.

Pentagon's Space Surveillance detachment stationed on Diego Garcia

It is important for you to remember that you are not alone.  We pledge to continue to keep your struggle to return to Diego Garcia close to our hearts and we will keep your vital work in front of our Global Network membership.

Best wishes to all,

Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space


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