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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our First Space for Peace Video is Still Relevant

The Global Network created this video intending to bring as much as we knew about the militarization of space to the public.  The video became an independent film makers dream as people freely copied and shared the DVD's and many people around the world posted it on YouTube which brought the film to tens of thousands more.

The idea for the video came from Global Network member Peter Shaw from State College, PA. (and a Veterans For Peace stalwart) who suggested that we produce the video and then he offered a substantial donation to help make it happen.

I didn't know any filmmakers in our community of Gainesville, Florida but one day I went to our local video shop to get some copies made of some videos.  I mentioned to the shopkeeper, Randy Atkins, that we were looking to make a documentary.  He told me he'd liked to give it a try but had admittedly never done anything like this before.  As it turned out people used to bring old film reels to his shop and ask if he wanted them.  He saved them and that is the way we got some of the Nazi footage shown early in the video as well as many of the rocket launch clips.

I came up with the script, got dressed up a bit, and we went into Randy's dark and very hot garage where he filmed my part.  By the end of the video I was wilting in the heart.

Randy and I then gathered all the photos and film we had and sat for weeks going frame by frame to insert the visuals that really made the whole thing work.  Randy worked very hard on this - more than we could have ever paid him.

As I re-watch this I feel quite proud that we really nailed the coming reality of US 'full spectrum dominance'.  Thirteen years later this video still stands up to be relevant and important watching.

The Global Network owes Peter Shaw and Randy Atkins many thanks for helping us deliver this important message across the planet.


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