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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Global Network Solidarity Message Gets Heard in Mauritius

Part of our recent solidarity message to the Chagossian people now living in Mauritius (having been removed from their native island home of Diego Garcia in order for the US to build a secret war base) was printed in a local newspaper.

One of the organizers from the group LALIT sent the following message:

Just to let you know that the local wide-circulation weekly Week End published key excerpts from your message of support in an article combining both the Mauritian’s State preparations for the vote in the UN General Assembly and our preparations for the Oct 1-2 Action Conference. Although the article is in French, you will probably recognise the quotes from your message of solidarity that are in the original English version.  The CND message of support likewise appeared two Sundays ago in the same paper.
We are looking forward to meeting JNR and have made as much space as we possibly could for him to speak on the Global Network in a very crammed Conference program!

Once we learned about the Oct 1-2 conference on Mauritius the Global Network hurriedly arranged to send one of our board members, J. Narayana Rao who lives in India, to the event on our behalf in order to express our solidarity in person.  Organizers of the conference kindly made arrangements for Rao to speak as well.


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