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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wanted in North Dakota - Coming to Maine

Stein coming to Portland, Maine.

She might be 'wanted by the feds' for spray painting a message on the front of a bulldozer at the Native American camp trying to stop the oil pipeline along the Missouri River, but here in Maine they've yet to make it illegal to speak your mind.

But with our crazy fascist governor LeRage that might be next on the agenda.....


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

When can we put out warrants for the arrest of, say, the 100 largest investors of the DAPL? I mean with the private ownership of land, and water and "other minerals" etc. A bulldozer of the finest kind still is only 100K. Used price. And cosmetic "damage" like writing on the shell, well, it costs a lot less to remove paint than prosecute somebody. The lawsuits being prepared, and warrants, for the Lakota and other volunteers, that must come out in the millions of frog skins. Just the unannounced but definitely pending actions.

So, with the Army Corps of Engineers being involved, does this count as an unofficial declaration of war against the Lakota and other Americans on behalf of the very richest?

Public subsidy of private "property". Like always.

And they wonder why people would throw airplanes at their buildings.

The pipeline CEO and Board of Directors could come out to Standing Rock. Instead of hiding behind publicly funded guards. And they can maybe find some way to present their case in person, about why everybody in America has to hunt down the frog skins to fund a project that's going to make Them richer, and They get a large number of separate tax credits because the project is "energy security".

Here in the Springs we have a huge statue parked right in the middle of a very busy intersection of another Corporate Welfare recipient, William Jackson Palmer, His entire fortune came from Government largesse. Military "ethnic cleansing" would be the modern definition. Raw conquest by the underpaid soldiers he commanded, but he got the credit. His name is right up there with Custer and Chivington. In fact Chivington was under his command.

His idolatrous statue impedes traffic and causes accidents because you can't see to make a left turn safely. He got quite a lot of land which he sold, along with a cash subsidy to build a railroad, to facilitate mining. But the mine operators, railroad magnates and land speculators are lauded to heaven that they were "self made". Never mind that Palmer never so much as tried to pick up a hammer or lay one square foot of track by his own hand.

I say all this because he was involved in the military "pacification" of the Lakota, Cheyenne, Nez Perce, Ute, Navajo etc. And those are just the bigger tribes.

But his statue is called "our Father which is Art in the intersection" even by his supporters.

And it brings in a not often cited and thoroughly hidden cost to taxpayers. Collateral damage in the costs of accidents caused by his stupid statue. Only one of many tiny subsidies that made up his family's fortune. Multiply that by the subsidies to the modern Palmers. Not so much additive.

So, when can we stop trying to sue them and just chunk them into jails?

Sauce for the goose being sauce for the gander and so on...

Jefferson put "equality" into the Declaration of Independence but not the Constitution. He didn't author the latter, but the ones who did were in the same pack of jackals. And the people he "owned" never saw any tangible evidence of a real belief in "equality" on his part.

It makes a good rallying argument though.
I don't believe he meant for it to be used by We the Peasants but now he's either in Heaven or Hell and the matter is quite out of his control.

9/12/16, 7:52 AM  

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