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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Get Me Out of Here!

  • One person from my old Florida days continues to ride me on my Fazebook page, yesterday complaining that: "I have often wondered during the past year when you became a classic 'Alex Jones tin foil wearing conspiracy' addict? I mourn the intelligent Bruce Gagnon I knew years ago."  This person has been regularly objecting to my postings that have shown any criticism of Hillary Clinton as an agent of the neo-cons who have taken over foreign and military policy decision making in Washington.  Like many fans of Clinton, this individual from Florida does not want to hear any critique of Clinton - particularly anything concerning her support for the Iraq war, the take down of Libya, or her calls for a No Fly Zone over Syria.  The most recent article I posted that drew a complaint can be seen here.
  • But it is not just me getting the acidic complaints because I dare criticize Hillary Clinton.  Many others, particularly former Bernie Sanders supporters who can't stomach voting for Clinton, are being slammed by 'liberal' Democrats.  I was surprised to see reported in the Los Angeles Times the other day that Trump was now polling 14% support in the black community (and slowly trending upward) despite his racist posture.  This indicates that Clinton's bad smell is pushing away more than former 'revolution' seeking Bernie supporters.  The Democratic party is hemorrhaging - their cheating during the recent primaries to hand the nomination to Hillary has backfired on them as the public increasingly rejects their candidate. Turnout will be tough for the Dems to generate as Hillary is not motivating alot of real passion.  Thus the need for the 'libs' to turn up the heat on wayward radicals.  
  • Bernie has put out the word to the liberals that 'we've hit sheep dogging time' and everyone needs to work the independent left over a bit - hit them at their knees.  My question: when the NSA and Homeland Security boys come to round up even the 'libs', who do they expect to stand up for them?  Talk about burning your bridges!  Even Daddy Bush (George H. W. Bush) from his wind turbine powered wheel chair in Kennebunk, Maine has declared he is voting for Hillary.  What more do you want?  Vote Hillary....the candidate of Wall Street and the CIA!  And then when Hillary starts a war with Russia and/or China you can put a peace bumper sticker on your car.  Right next to the Hillary sticker.  That's what I call covering all the bases.
  • A recent article reported one former Sanders supporter named David Kerans having learned that in some states the voting results were altered by up to 10 percent in Clinton’s favor.... The voting machines were apparently rigged to register every one of Sanders' vote as 0.8 points and every one of Clinton's as 1.2 points. Sanders' supporters learned that the voting machines used during the elections are not subjected to any form of oversight by the authorities, with both hardware and software being supplied by private companies.
  • The 2016 Duma parliamentary elections in Russia further gave evidence to the fact that Putin's popularity remains strong - in spite of western economic sanctions.  Putin's United Russia party took 343 seats out of 450 in the Duma.  The parties that came in after United Russia (Communists, Liberal Democrats and Fair Russia) are also described as pro-Putin.  So the western hopes that the pro-Washington parties would score big were dashed by the Russian voters. Pro-US political parties barely got 3% together.  Thus US-NATO is left to only one tool in their box of toys - more destabilization of Ukraine, Georgia and other countries along the Russian border.  Plus, of course, more NATO war games and missiles aimed at Russia.


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