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Friday, September 30, 2016

Ask the Native Americans: Washington always Breaks its Promises

Political commentator Marwa Osman talks to RT International on the latest developments in the Syrian crisis.

The thing that drives me most crazy is the phony outrage by the western media about the poor innocent civilians being killed in Syria.  Come on.....

Since when does the US-NATO give a damn about innocent civilians being killed - how about 'shock and awe' in Iraq? How about Washington's longest war in US history in Afghanistan? How about the carnage to civilians in Yemen by Saudi Arabia with total US support?  Did the western media ever demand apologies from Washington for killing legions of innocent people?  Never!

The US and its allies (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, UK) are funding, arming, and directing ISIS in Syria and those terrorists are responsible for thousands of innocent deaths and hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing from Syria.

In fact the western media daily covers up their war crimes in Syria.

I have to come back to the wider US goal at work here - take down Syria as a step toward isolating and forcing regime change in Iran.

Larry Johnson, retired CIA intelligence officer and State Department official told Radio Sputnik that:
Whereas the US policy is "all over the board," with a visible divide between the Department of Defense and the CIA. The CIA supports radical Islamists and the Department of Defense tries to kill them," he said.

"So it is just absurd that we are on the one hand talking about the tough game of fighting terrorism and yet behind the scenes providing financing and weapons to the same very terrorists," he told Sputnik. 
The former CIA officer also explained US' focus on Syria, and why it remains in the spotlight. "It is [all about] Iran, Iran is the critical factor determining the policy in the region. Saudi Arabia and Turkey, to a lesser extent, and Qatar and the Persian Gulf are very worried about the ascendance of Iran in the region, both politically and militarily. And that has been facilitated by the US invasion of Iraq in 2003," he said. 
Once Saddam Hussein was taken out of power, Johnson explained, the majority Shia population took control of the country. They have always had very close ties with Iran because many of the leaders of Iraq were sheltered in Iran during the previous years when Saddam Hussein was in power.
"What has been literally driving the US policy, this effort to try to contain Iran and to accommodate traditional US allies in the region without staying true to its policy of combating terrorism."
The US continues to play this hypocritical power game in Syria and uses the western media to hide the truth from the public.  The media utilizes a strategy, similar to the one used by US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, to counter attack and divert attention by calling Russian and Syrian attempts to actually fight terrorists "barbarism".

Washington wants to talk about barbarism!?  All it has to do is look in the mirror!



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