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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pentagon Biggest Polluter on Earth

The US military is the biggest polluter on Mother Earth - this is what is happening all over the planet on the nearly 1,000 Pentagon bases - toxic pollution of the local environment........with very little, practically no clean-up.

RT reports:
A stunningly picturesque arctic landscape in Greenland has been blemished with over 10,000 fuel-filled barrels and piles of rusty remnants from a former US WWII military base abandoned 70 years ago. 

The WWII American airfield, named Bluie East 2, was built in eastern Greenland to house 200 to 300 soldiers in 1942.

It was shut down and abandoned by the US Air Force in 1947.

Most of the equipment and supplies were left behind, including thousands of fuel drums, cases of dynamite, ammunition, vehicles and machinery.

"There was about 3,000 55-gallon [208-litre] drums of aviation gas, automotive gas, heating oil. And those drums are all [still] there," said Robert Baxter, who was stationed in Bluie East 2 in 1946 when he was 18 years old.

The US has made a bit of a habit of leaving Greenland to deal with their mess.

A recent study revealed Greenland’s melting ice sheet is expected to eventually expose an abandoned US Cold War military base and release the biological, chemical and radioactive waste that was left behind in 1969. 

You can sign a petition demanding that the US clean-up its mess here


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