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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Will U.S. Allow Peace in Ukraine?

Ukraine gets the OK from the IMF for another bailout loan.  At least long enough to keep Kiev on course through the American elections in November.

Germany and France want Ukraine to honor the Minsk2 ceasefire agreements that require it to pull back the Nazi forces from the front lines in eastern civil war zones.  Stop the shelling of the innocent citizens in the Donbass and allow for fair elections and local autonomy in the region.  This is not Russia taking over the area.  It would be Kiev honoring the wishes of the local people and the agreements made.

But the US does not want a stable future in the Donbass or anywhere else in Ukraine.  Ukraine is simply a Washington pawn to destabilize the Russian border thus the skepticism of the speaker in the video.

Just like in Syria we see the US sign a ceasefire deal with Russia but it "can't or won't" put the breaks on the terrorists that the Pentagon/CIA/Saudi Arabia have armed, funded, trained and directed for so long.

The US makes money and headway by creating instability and chaos.  Weapons get sold, countries get destroyed and lands taken.  The lives of the people are meaningless.  Capitalism always grinds on.

We have to acknowledge that it has been Russia over and over again in recent years that is promoting peace, negotiations, agreements. and cooperation.  The western governments and media have demonized Putin non-stop.  The Iran nuke deal was Putin's work.  He has been the one to force the US to even consider a real ceasefire in Syria.  It is Putin who made the Minsk2 agreement happen.

Give the man the credit he is due.



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