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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Where were the cries & howls in 2014 as Nazis massacred poeple in Odessa?



I went to Odessa, Ukraine in 2016 for the May 2 memorial service organized by the Council of Mothers. 

I was with Regis Tremblay and Phil Wilayto from the US.  

When we returned we each did our best to get the peace movement to pay attention to what happened in Odessa. Largely to no avail.

The Nazis in Ukraine have flourished since then and today are inside some big cities of Ukraine holding their fellow citizens hostage as the Russian military closes in on them. 

Ever since the US orchestrated coup d'etat in 2014 I've almost daily studied and worked hard to bring these stories to the peace movement. Sadly few have been interested.

Since then I've traveled to Russia three times including a Global Network study tour in 2019 that visited Moscow, Crimea and St Petersburg. In 2019 I also went to the Donbass region of Ukraine and toured the embattled cities of Lugansk and Donetsk.

It is clear to me that the US-UK-NATO have constructed this entire episode in order to justify NATO expansion and military war games up to the Russian border. The real goal is regime change in Moscow.

How is Russia to respond - particularly considering that they lost 27 million people during the WW II Nazi invasion?

The latest news appears to be that Biden is sending $350 million in military hardware to Ukraine. Germany will delivery 1,000 anti-tank guided weapons and 500 anti-aircraft Stinger system. 

The US-UK-NATO got just what they planned for in Ukraine.



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