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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Report: Aims of Russian Demilitarization and Denazification of Ukraine

Just one example of thousands of homes in the Donbass shelled by the Nazi-led Ukrainian army trained, armed and directed by the US-NATO war machine

The aim of Russian "special military operation" is to destroy Ukrainian war machine (demilitarization) that has killed 14000 civilians in Donbass, to enforce denazification of the Ukrainian society and to stage trial vs those who issued criminal orders for launching genocide in Donbass. The reference was to Article 51 of the UN Charter. It is self-defense versus multiple outside threats.

By now all Ukrainian AAD and military airfields have been destroyed.  Airstrips of two airports that accepted NATO military cargos send to kill more civilians have been destroyed too. War depots and warehouses have been blown up by hi-tech, high-precision strike weapons.

Moscow asked Ukrainian AF to lay down arms and to go home. Ukrainian border guards have not returned fire and surrendered.

Some key military command HQ have been destroyed as well.

Russia does not use arms against civilians and civilian infrastructure.

All urgent  info is at English websites of, TASS,

Unfortunately, the US and NATO leaders call Zelensky to resist. So, once again they are acting like accomplices of a criminal gang - they created, nourished and canalized.

It is in vain. No chances.

[See Vladimir Putin's latest speech to the Russian people here]
Kind regards,

Vladimir Kozin
Corresponding Member,Russian Academy of Military Sciences
Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
Winner of Colonel-General Varfolomei Korobushin Reward (Russian Strategic Missiles Forces) and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Reward
Leading Expert, Center for Military-Political Studies, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO)
Ph.D, Senior Researcher (Academic Rank)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When someone reminds you to get your information from the state run media of the authoritarian state that pays him, he’s telling you he thinks you’re a useful idiot. When he sees you post his demonstrably false report verbatim with the same photo his regime has been circulating for six years, he thinks you’re a very useful idiot.

2/25/22, 9:31 AM  
Blogger Bruce K. Gagnon said...

You appear to know little about this entire episode that began with the 2014 US-NATO orchestrated coup in Kiev. Typical western arrogance. Why don't you lecture us some more about democracy?

2/25/22, 10:21 AM  

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