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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

German Greens take a dive


German Green Party Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock in action

 By Eugene Woloszyn

German Green Party Foreign Ministers promoted military action in Yugoslavia in 1999 are are doing so again today. How did this betrayal of Green Party founding principals and values come about?  How are Greens manipulated to convince the German public to support war and increased military budgets?

Annalena Baerbock is 41 years old. In fall 2021 elections, she received 15% of national vote for Chancellor and the Greens got 118 seats in Parliament. The Greens entered a coalition government of three parties and she was appointed Foreign Minister on 12-8-21.  

As a child, she joined her parents at numerous antiwar & anti-nuclear weapon demonstrations.  At age 16, she was an exchange student at Lake Highland prep school in Orlando, Florida.  She graduated from college while working as an intern and staff for Green Party elected officials.  She had been a member of parliament for eight years. Her husband is a political consultant & public relations manager.   

Baerbock urges a 'Post Pacifist' and stronger German Foreign Policy, especially against Russia & China.  She calls for a European Army under the supervision of the European Parliament.  Such an army would be two-steps away from the will of the German People. She supports NATO’s expansion eastward and continued close cooperation with the US. Following the vehement position of both Trump and Biden, she supports the [cancellation] of the completed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.  (Fossil fuel prices in Germany have increased 73% in the last year & Germany plans to eliminate all nuclear power plants.)


The US is constantly badgering NATO members to increase military spending to reach war budgets of 2% of each nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).  US officials want more German war expenditures for US weaponry, rather than the previous German Chancellor Merkel’s preference for soldier wages and benefits.  Merkel resisted these aggressive US policies, but Baerbock supports the U.S. position.  Is this in the interests of the German people, which historically have been ravished by the deranged plans of their leaders and generals? And is it in the interest of the Green Party of Germany and other global Green Parties, shackled by an image of war mongering by the highest Green official in the world?

In 2020-21, Baerbock participated in the DAVOS-based World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders program”.  The World Economic Forum was founded and is led by Klaus Schwab, whose two books about 'The Great Reset' following Covid have shocked many with their manipulative, dystopian scenarios.  This leadership program has groomed other world leaders such as young female prime ministers of New Zealand and Finland. Another leadership program graduate was banker Emmanuel Macron, with no political background, who came out of the blue with influential media support, and became President of France.

The US has 34,500 Soldiers and nuclear weapons in Germany.  Germany also “hosts” US Africa Command, major military hospitals and training facilities that enable other U.S. military activities worldwide. 

The first NATO commander said the alliance purpose was to “Keep the Russians out, the US in, & the Germans down”.  77 years after the end of WWII, why have the German people allowed their nation to be so manipulated by the US?  

Is it in the interest of the American people to be constantly frightened by a US military industrial complex, which foments world tensions as rationale for constantly increasing war budgets? 


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