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Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Canada: Truckers respond as police tighten their grip on protests


These working class people are holding remarkably peaceful protests in Ottawa, Canada - a nation that claims to be a democracy.

Their request is a national public discussion about vaccine mandates. In various countries around the world the governments are lifting mandates and forced isolation.

The truckers (I heard that a high percentage of them have been vaccinated) are primarily upset by the imposition of the QR code mandates that they see as violation of civil liberties.

These remarkable trucker and farmer protests are inspiring people all over the world. 

The national government in Canada is now appearing to be forming a military-style plan to round up  and arrest the truckers in order to break-up their movement. Instead of sitting down and talking with them - and forming policies that work for everyone - the federal government instead seems to be heading toward a hard-fisted approach. It reminds me of when Obama sent in the cops all over America to break up the Occupy movement in late 2011 and early 2012.

No matter where you stand on vaccines (I believe it is a personal medical issue) I must say that I am impressed with the love, the caring, the sharing, and the centered-ness I've witnessed while watching many of these videos from Ottawa and around Canada where the support for these working people is growing by the day. 

That is what the Canadian government fears most - the public increasingly supports these non-violent, determined and respectful truckers/farmers and their families.

From what I've seen these folks don't appear to be goons, criminals, terrorists or any of the other names they have been called by the current government and media.  They might be conservatives but that doesn't change the fact they have something important to say to all of us about growing surveillance society. I wish more people on the 'left' were talking about this.

I wish them all the best in the days ahead. 


PS: The ruling government in Canada and their police agents are sending in 'agent provocateurs' (as often happens at protests in the US, I've experience them myself) in order to create incidents that will then discredit the protests. The truckers are not taking the bait.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do Americans spread propaganda for Canadian right wing extremists and neo-fascists?

2/10/22, 6:18 PM  

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