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Tuesday, February 01, 2022

The trucker demo in Ottawa



Thousands and thousand of truckers (many who took the jab) roared into Canada's capital in Ottawa protesting against the covid vaccine mandates.

Huge numbers of people around the globe oppose the mandates (Green pass it is called in many nations) and have been protesting for months. In most cases their government mocks them, calls them right-wingers, and then uses them to divide the public against itself. A very old tactic of the elites.

Despite Canadian politicians attempts to down-play this large and important protest, I can say I watched numerous videos and it was evident to me that this was a widespread movement. 

One video stands out in my mind - a endless line of truckers heading toward Ottawa, blasting their horns - and standing alongside the road in the Canadian cold was an equally long line of people holding signs and cheering for the truckers.

That was a well organized event. These folks are serious and if the government of Canada was wise it would listen to then.

Unless that is, the goal is to divide the public and push them further into civil conflict. It's being done in virtually every western country.

I think it is the corporate 'masters' desperate attempt to direct us into high-tech-feudalism. But everyone gets a 5G phone....



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