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Monday, April 03, 2017

Protests in French Guiana

Historic processions of more than 250,000 people are underway in French Guiana and its not being covered by the media. French Guiana is de facto a colony of France in South America largely inhabited by Africans. France has three other such colonies to this day including Mayote in the Comoros, Runion Islands neighboring Mauritius and Martinique in the Caribbean.

These are considered overseas 'departments' or 'territories' by the French colonialists, but they are nothing more than euphemisms designed to disguise and maintain their colonies. 😡 And right now, the people of French Guiana have taken to the streets numbering a quarter of million to protest the economic and racial abuse they have suffered under their white colonial masters in France.

French Guina was a former slave colony turned prison colony of the French, before becoming an 'overseas department' to extract its mineral wealth at the expense of the people of French Guiana.

We urge all of you to show international solidarity with our brothers and sisters by sharing this video as these historic protests are not being covered by the imperialist sponsored corporate media.
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