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Friday, April 14, 2017

These Cats are Very Sick

I've long believed, backed up by ample historical evidence, that many of these media talking heads actually work for the CIA.

The Senate's Church Committee hearings on the CIA (Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities) in 1975-76 proved this position to be true.

The goal of these media agents is not to inform the American people in order to ensure we have a vibrant citizens democracy.  Rather their job is to distort the news, fabricate evidence to justify endless war, discourage the public from speaking out, and drown the spirit and will for democracy amongst the people.  And these cats are very good at what they do.

As I wrote yesterday - these media manipulators work for the dark side.  Anyone who calls the launching of deadly cruise missiles 'beautiful' is clearly working for the devil.  If the American people had any damn sense these people would be run out of town immediately!

But the thing that really gets me is this - I can think of some so-called peaceniks (liberals, lefties, progressives, etc) who watch this bullshit and then go on email or Fazebook and regurgitate these same lies with real conviction.  You'd think by now these 'peace people' would know the score and would not fall for these lies - again and again - but that is not the case.

One begins to wonder this - are there also some number of 'intelligence operatives' inside the peace movement?  Their job being to sit inside a 'sleeper cell' for years and then when the big push comes they pop up and defend the war machine - the break-up of Yugoslavia - the Libya take down - the Russian demonization - NATO expansion - the lies about Syria - the justifications from Washington for the military encirclement of China via the 'pivot' into the Asia-Pacific - and more.

If you think I'm making this stuff up just consider the list serve of a major 'peace and justice' coalition here in the US where for the past two years there have been daily posts by these 'agents' defending US military operations in Ukraine and Syria and relentlessly attacking anyone who disagrees with them.  It's mind blowing.

Beware of those that spread lies on behalf of the dark side.



Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Triple agents in the Left and the peace movement? Yes.

There's a book, the Anarchist Cookbook, whose author William Powell introduced himself an a former FBI agent. I checked out his recipes, for instance Mercury Fulminate. He didn't mention a key point. When it's fulminating, tossing off a grey-green fume... well, that fume is toxic. It's described as like rotting cabbage. But the smell isn't what gets you. It's the actual chemicals. That and it's extra volatile.

On the other other hand even peaceful and especially peaceful actions get infiltrated routinely. The cops are proud of that.Don't bother to watch your steps, just watch the steps of the most fervent new converts.

Jesus had Iscariot. That one is kind of famous especially this time of the year.

How many variants can be thought of? Roland might well have offed Charlemagne and paid/slash/threatened somebody to write a modified version of what happened. I just use that because there's no survivors from any of their wars and hitting up a classic is easier, because you can't offend any living being on the planet.

The concentrated insanity manifested in our country and our Earth, we've survived it before.

Happy Easter and Passover, might as well do both, very mutually compatible.

4/14/17, 3:33 PM  
Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Oh, and without ever having a conversation with the man, I think Powell might have been an agent for several sides. Just a sneaking suspicion.

4/14/17, 3:36 PM  

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