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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Raging Over MOAB - It's a Real Bomb!

MOAB was a field test in Afghanistan - and a demonstration to China and Russia that US-NATO have a big bomb that can destroy underground nuclear missile silos in a Pentagon first-strike attack.  It is a warning from Washington that 'we will come after you hard' unless you surrender to our corporate domination.

It's a gutsy, provocative and desperate move on the part of US-NATO.  They know their empire is waning and it is a last ditch move to hang on to global control.

Russia has countered with: "We won't fight the next war with the west on Russian soil.  We will hit you hard in the US and in Europe if you attack us."  The Russians lost 27 million to the Nazi invasion during WW II and are not eager to experience that again.

So the US-NATO dropped the MOAB in Afghanistan to shock the world.  Trump is rolling the fat dice.  MOAB though was a nail in Trumps coffin - the world is figuring out that chumming around with Washington causes your clothes to stink - the foul odor wears off on the 'alliance members'.

The American people are actually tired of war but they generally keep quiet about it because they want their neighbors to like them. Social control is very sophisticated here in the USA.

We had our last Lenten peace vigil at BIW this morning - 20 of us out there on a warm sunny day.  One of those attending told a story about BIW employees being asked to head to San Diego, California where the new $4-6 billion Zumwalt 'stealth' destroyer is stationed after leaving Bath.  The ship keeps breaking down and they need BIW workers to come fix it.

During the vigil two local liberals walked by and thanked us for protesting at the shipyard.  They'd just come from an anti-Trump protest here in town this morning.  The protest was calling for Trump to disclose his tax returns and for Congress to escalate the alleged Trump-Russia connection investigations. Front groups have been created in many cities across the nation by local Democrats to carry out the orders from the Democratic Party as they flounder in Congress and have reached back to the McCarthy-era where anti-Communism was the primary organizing strategy.  Since the Democrats won't fight for the working class, poor people, the environment, or peace anymore all they have to offer is recycled red-baiting.  The Dems are so unpopular now they have to create these front groups in order to get people out onto the street.

These Dems, all fired up about Trump's tax returns, won't be seen standing with a sign opposing his wars or his call for another $54 billion in military spending.  Democrats want to be liked and steer clear of 'controversial issues' like war and peace.  The party discourages such concerns - for obvious reasons.  The kickbacks to the party from the big corporate donor$ are far more important.

As the two liberals walked by I read the small sign they carried about Trump's taxes and I asked them if they were also concerned about Trump's wars.  "He's got MOAB now," one of them declared!

the new bikini
that thin
named after
US nuke tests
on Bikini Island
in the Pacific

Look for
a new series
of designer fashions
this summer
the MOAB
mens and
womens sizes
liberals will need
a way to express
their outrage

I'm the new rage
I've got a MOAB!



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