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Thursday, April 20, 2017

U.S. Forces THAAD Deployment in South Korea

Report from South Korea:

Today, a great struggle in Soseong-ri. The policemen enforced to pass the trucks loaded with THAAD 'missile defense' base construction materials. They met with the people's fierce protest. During the process, a resident was carried to hospital while two people including a Won Buddhist Reverend were arrested by the police.

A construction truck in which a US soldier was driving was passed into the former Lotte golf course area, a planned area for the deployment of THAAD after hours of confrontation between the policemen and people who struggled to stop the truck.

During the lunch time, the policemen rushed into the village again and detained the villagers into the village hall.

After all the struggle in Soseong-ri today, a Yonhap news report told that the process of free land provision to the US military based on SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement in South Korea) was done. What the Yonhap news doesn't tell is that such land provision was illegal.

It was two days ago that the people, having a press conference, demanded that the current corrupt acting government should do nothing as there would be a new government after the Presidential election on May 9.

According to the people, the land provision to the US military for free, based on SOFA, is illegal unless a law on the limitation on special benefit in providing state-owned land is revised.

According to lawyers, the SOFA is NOT applicable to such category for special benefit. Still the land provision was done in the way of simple document signing. You can say it is a ROBBERY.

See more photos here


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

With murder thrown in. In many states that's a death penalty offense. Gorsuch just did his first case as a Supreme. Execution. Of course he did what his masters said. According to the Bush Doctrine it's a capital offense to cause harm to a Coalition soldier. Bush himself and the other sadistic monsters-in-human-form are self-exempted from any consequences.

Yet they say it's not imperialism.

I'm just feeling the bitterness of watching the same stuff happening again.

You remember the Ap Thanh system from 'Nam? the "secured hamlets" which was a really pointless idea. But they had done the same in Korea. Like the way modern prisons work.And for the same reason. Not to protect the villagers, but to keep them apart. It shows in the propaganda, the real fear was the people had the networks, and thus the resistance was grass roots, not the product of Soviet or Maoist troublemakers, advisors is the term "our" side used to describe themselves. The People were smarter than the invaders pretended or hoped.

That the current campaign is doomed to failure is of no comfort. The failure will take so many lives, outright. And build the resentment for the next round. I wonder, sometimes, if those who advance to high ranks become desensitized, by the nature of their path, or did they get on the path knowing full well where it will take them.
If the latter is true, it's not just mass suicide on their part, it's organized mass suicide. I saw the end of a Errol Flynn movie about the Charge of the Light Brigade. Oh how noble and morally pure! except the ones who made the decision didn't live to verify their reason. Both the poem and the movie are speculation. Like a politician standing in the crosses row by row bit that came later, saying all the young men or older boys were proud, in their final seconds.

4/21/17, 4:14 PM  

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