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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Recovering But Truly Inspired

Former Hitler rocket scientist Werner Von Braun was brought to the US after WW II under 'Operation Paperclip' to create the US space program from Huntsville, Alabama.  Inside the city's Space & Rocket Museum there is a shrine built for him.  

My energy is slowly returning after spending a couple days in bed earlier this week.  That all-night drive from Boston to Huntsville just about finished me off as I arrived in rocket city with a sore throat and barely able to talk.  Fortunately the Global Network has many exceptional people in our midst who jumped in and took over key conference tasks allowing me to mostly sit back and enjoy the show.

Our new GN board member Will Griffin (Veterans For Peace from Georgia) has been using his youthful and inspired energy to post videos of many of the conference talks on the Internet.  You can see them here

I went outside this morning and played around with our wood shed making room for a new batch of wood we will order once the last of the snow in the back yard has melted.  I always love playing with the wood - it helps me get out of my head for awhile and the exercise is helpful.

Yesterday I ordered garden seeds for spring planting that is still a few more weeks away.  I always remember the words from our beloved Tom Sturtevant who was one of the founders of Veterans For Peace in Maine.  Tom always asked me on Memorial Day if I had our peas in the ground yet.  He was a Korean War Navy veteran who served on an aircraft carrier and often recalled how the US bombed every building in North Korea during that ugly war.  The North Koreans had to live underground and came out at night to tend their fields so they would not starve.  Now today the US is itching to unleash 'shock and awe' upon them once again.

It can't be repeated often enough that the US has become emotionally and economically addicted to war.  We've been killing and stealing lands and resources since before the founding of this nation.  Most Americans, for various reasons, are not particularly interested in reflecting on our violent history.  Few are willing to take a deep look at our collapsing economy and the epidemic of depression that exists amongst our people - largely due to our endless wars and our tendency to devalue life at home and abroad.

Martin Luther King, Jr. put his finger on this in 1967 when he said, "“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.”  That is America's story.

Remarkably what inspires me is the millions of good people all over the planet who keep the lights of love, justice, and peace burning.  Inside the Global Network there are many such loving souls and other similar organizations are full of such devoted peaceniks.  Imagine how much worse things would be without these steadfast and determined people.

There is not doubt that the dark forces are out to try to dominate the planet.  Their greed and lust for power has put them into an epic struggle against the forces of light.  I am proud to be part of the love team and will keep giving it my all as long as I take breath.  What an honor to be alive with the simple mission to ensure that all future generations have a chance for life on this small spinning orb.

The humans, the plants, the animals, the water, the air - we are all related.



Blogger Lisa Savage said...

Amen, brother. "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..."

4/13/17, 2:20 PM  
Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Started on my garden this week. Mulched all around, murdered a few hundred dandelions (I wish the native animals would learn to eat them, they're really good food, but ... eh) and speaking of animals I've put in a planting of "indian" corn as though there's really any other kind, and clover. Part for ground cover, part because it's delicious and a lot because we parked a town in the middle of THEIR dining room. So when the deer and the antelope come to play they'll have good munchies.

I'm sad you were ill, glad you're better.

My grandpa worked with von Braun at Aberdeen and White Sands. Didn't say much about him, other than he was a competent engineer.

4/13/17, 7:19 PM  

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