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Sunday, April 09, 2017

GN Conference Statement Opposing Syria Attacks

On Thursday, April 6, the Trump administration launched 60 Cruise Tomahawk missiles from an offshore Mediterranean warship at an airfield near the city of Homs, Syria’s third largest city.  This attack, supposedly in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack on a “rebel” held city has been blamed on the Syrian government, a charge which they deny.  Not one shred of evidence has been produced by the US government to support their claim.

The US attack is a reckless and dangerous escalation on the part of Trump Administration, which can easily lead to a broader conflagration in the Middle East, direct military confrontation with Russia, and possibly even a nuclear war.

We, the participants at the 25th International Space Organizing Conference of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space gathered in Huntsville, Alabama, recognize the crucial role that militarized space systems play in this and other violent military actions in pursuit of global dominance. We therefore condemn this escalation and call on the US to stop the militarization of outer space, end immediately the bombing of Syria and bring US forces out of Syria and the Middle East.

~ Adopted unanimously by those in attendance on April 8.


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