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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. We must all do more to help stop this western corporate arrogance that puts the future generations lives in despair. @BruceKGagnon

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

War of the Oligarchies - Don't Pick a Side

Trump and Clinton are role players who work for competing corporate oil-i-garchs.  Presently Republicans and Democrats are playing good cop-bad cop in their power tussle.  We'd like to hold out hope that the 'Justice Department' and the FBI still row in the same boat with the rest of us - but actually the government legal team is on a yacht with Mr. Big and his minions having a very nice time.

I see the latest Washington DC reality show as political entertainment.  It's a distraction so we don't watch the $$$ transfer gambit going on between DC and Wall Street.  The return of feudalism is upon us. Except this time the citizens get a Smartphone.

To the downtrodden across America there was not much choice in the last election.   No thanks, many citizens said while not voting at all or millions voted for Trump. Even long-time union members who normally voted Democrat - went Republican. The unemployed city rust-belters and rural conservative people felt no affinity for the 'liberals' like Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Anthony Weiner and NPR. 

Trump was created by the media and they essentially ran his campaign....he was non-stop on TV.  (I am convinced the whole last election cycle was scripted.  Even Bill Clinton called Trump and urged him to run.  Think about it. See the article here.)

Trump went into the electoral ring and at least had some entertainment value for those who have lost heart with 'normal' Washington.  His 'Battle of the Billionaires' was great training for the debates that he would enter after announcing his candidacy for the presidency. 

His match with Vince McMahon, the wealthy owner of WrestleMania, was a massive public relations gimmick that brought Trump into close contact with millions of working class people.  He proved effective in the ring as an entertainer.  Trump continues on this track today tweeting from the White House.

Trump is a 3rd rate bully and his current production is called 'Bread and Circus'. He has a large audience.

Two primary things are now underway here.  If you watch Ukraine closely you will see where we in the US are heading.  In the WrestleMania world they call it a 'take down'.  We the people are heading for the reservation.  The rich boys are stealing us blind and are entertaining us with the current Congressional war between the Republicans and the Democrats.  In a way it is a double insult - they steal us blind and laugh like hell as they watch the people be absorbed with the CNN and FOX 'Breaking News' reports on Russia stealing the last election.

The second act of the oligarchy turf war is between the old-guard (east coast establishment) and the 'newly-rich' regional oligarchs (Koch Bros. for example) who are in a battle for national control.  With victory comes the ability to be the pusher and shover around the world.  Big money is to be made from endless war.

Mr. Big knows climate change is coming and that money and power will shift dramatically in unknown ways.  They are setting themselves up now to get all they can - while they can.  Competing oligarchs are grabbing for the cash - and like all mobsters will kill if anyone seriously gets in the way.

But the competing oligarchs do agree that the American people must be taken down a peg or two.....

It is a sickness - love of money and power - and it disconnects us from Mother Nature.  We humans are getting smacked back by our angry mother.  Her body is in toxic shock and she is thrashing about - but we are mostly too self absorbed to pay attention or care.  Many can't fight anymore as they see no end to the struggle and descend into deep depression. 

On we must go - keep pushing......don't pick one of the oligarchy sides.  They are both toxic.  Stand by the people as the rich and powerful try to smash our lives.  Watch what is going on in Puerto Rico.  Share your stories with one another.  We are all in the same fight these days.



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