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Monday, October 23, 2017

Stop Deadly U.S.-Israeli Police Exchange Trips

Jewish Voice for Peace

One of the most dangerous places where the regimes of Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu converge is in exchange programs that bring together police, ICE, border patrol, and FBI from the U.S. with soldiers, police, and border agents from Israel.

At Jewish Voice for Peace, we were disturbed to learn that many of the organizations running these exchange programs are institutions in our own community, including civil rights organizations.

To shut down the deadly exchange, we feel obligated to start with these complicit organizations in our own communities.

They include The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, The Anti Defamation League, and even Birthright Israel. 

As Jews, we feel a particular responsibility to address those who run these programs in our names as Jewish communal institutions.

Together, we'll bring this fight to the policy makers in our communities and hold accountable the policy makers that run and fund the deadly exchange.

You can sign a  petition opposing these exchanges here

Also see a related article by The Intercept here


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