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Friday, October 06, 2017

Life in an Eastern Ukraine Village

The US war project in eastern Ukraine (Donbass) continues.  Here is a video about the village of Sakhanka where they have been repeatedly attacked by the US-backed regime in Kiev.  Even the local school as been hit by shells and had to be closed.

Recently the regime in Kiev banned the speaking of Russian in Ukraine.  Imagine how that goes over with the millions of Russian speaking citizens across the country.  Each of these moves by the corrupt cabal (I won't call it a government) in Kiev further adds fuel to the already out-of-control war near the Russian border.

Kiev keeps sending heavy weapons and more troops to the eastern region of the country.  US Army Special Forces continue to train and equip Ukrainian National Guard troops at a base in western Ukraine. Then these troops (many who originally were part of various Nazi death squad units) are deployed to the east to attack innocent civilians who live in villages like Sakhanka.

All of this is intended to excuse US-NATO military expansion along the Russian border with hopes to actually draw Moscow directly into invading the Donbass region to protect the people.  Instead Russia has provided arms to Ukrainian citizens living in the eastern region (coal miners, musicians, electricians, farmers, teachers, students, etc) so they can defend themselves.

Russia has also regularly sent humanitarian aid to the Donbass as the people now suffer without jobs, food, medical supplies, electricity and more.

If you wish to better understand the Ukraine story in a deeper way I highly recommend reading this article called Washington's Iron Curtain in Ukraine - find it here 



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