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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Maine Peace Walk Starts in Bath

Today at noon I interviewed Will Griffin (VFP) from Georgia and Joyakgol (peace activist) from Jeju Island, South Korea on my public access TV show This Issue.  We talked about US foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific with emphasis on Korea and the new Navy base built for American warships on Jeju Island.  I was real happy with how the interviews turned out.  Afterwards we drove down one of the finger islands jutting into the ocean and had lunch at a fish joint overlooking the water.

By the time we got back to the Addams-Melman House others began to arrive including Tarak Kauff (VFP) from New York and Hancock, Maine artist Russell Wray and his wife Akemi.  Russell designed our peace walk logo this year (like he did the past two years) and we went to work mounting the banner with the logo onto the rental van we will use during the walk to move folks around.  Our green sweatshirts also have the walk logo on the back.

Things begin tonight with the showing of the Jeju documentary film Village versus Empire at a local cinema.  We expect the show to sell out and Joyokgol will speak a bit and sing a song from their campaign on Jeju to stop the Navy base.

The excitement is building for our 6th annual peace walk that this year will largely be centered in the Bath and Brunswick area.  We'll be dropping flyers door-to-door in Bath calling for the conversion of Bath Iron Works to appropriate sustainable production.

You can see all walk details here

For those only able to participate in the walk for one day we encourage you to come on Saturday, October 21 for the finale event with speakers and music at the Bath Waterfront Park along the beautiful Kennebec River. 


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