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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


In the Washington Post today was a photo of an Oakland cop petting a kitten. The caption stated that police had removed occupiers from their Oakland encampment and they "had left" the cat behind.

The intent of the photo and caption was to show the cops as kind and thoughtful after they had just beaten protesters. This is the way propaganda is done.

16 police agencies used tear gas, concussion bombs, direct sound weapons, and rubber bullets to attack the campers.

It is obvious that a decision has been made nationally to begin a process of taking down the occupy sites that have spread to most states. The goal of the oligarchy will be to turn public opinion against the occupy movement by having the police use violence which will inevitably draw some forms of response thus giving further justification for even more harsh treatment by the cops.

Fortunately some communities in the U.S. will resist the temptation to join this militaristic orgy unleashed by the city of Oakland. Local organizing campaigns in support of Occupy should be stepped up now in response to this assault mentality before it can take hold of the whole nation.


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

These are the same Oakland cops who built an impressive Blue Wall around the murder of Oscar Grant, whose killer was given the minimum sentence for "involuntary" manslaughter.

Some of the Blue Wall are the Coroner,...

and the jail "doctors" who are the ones who will document the injuries to the Occupy PEOPLE caused by the police doing exactly what Saddam Hussein was officially hanged for doing, gassing "their own" people.

Glad the kitten survived the assault, no thanks to the cop who was photographed cuddling it. Tear gas isn't universally non-lethal any more than nerve gas is universally lethal. It's a matter of degree of lethality, like the difference between being shot with a 38 special, a 12 gauge shotgun or a belt fed water cooled machine gun.

Tear gas is especially lethal on people with asthma or emphysema, children and elderly people... and pets.

Bet the cops didn't check to see if anybody within range of their lethal gas had any of those conditions before popping it off, they never do.

In case anybody is wondering just how lethal the police themselves consider CS "tear" gas to be, a kid in McKinney Texas popped off a canister of it as a prank, and was charged as an adult for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

He was 14 and sentenced relatively mildly. In Texas Aggravated anything carries a potential life sentence.

10/27/11, 11:43 PM  

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