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Thursday, October 06, 2011


Sung-Hee Choi writes from Jeju Island:

Return of militarism in the republic of Korea. The navy ignores even the Island government.

The navy’s conduct of test blast works in the Gureombee [rocky coastline] today, Oct. 6 was only two days later that the Island Council made a resolution to demand the central government and navy to stop construction.

Today, even the Island governor Woo Keun-Min who has maintained the position of support for the naval base construction, had strongly opposed the navy’s test blast plan before its execution.

The navy, as ususal, has never consulted the villagers for the work today.

Do you believe? The navy totally ignoring not only the opinion of villgers but also the demand of the Island Council and even the Island government, conducted six times of test blast of the Gureombee today.

11 activists were arrested during their resistance in the sea and land. One female activist and one female journalist were released later therefore total 9 people are in the hands of police now: six people who were in the boat are told to be currently in the maritime police station in the Jeju city while three people who were arrested in the land are in the Seogwipo police station.


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