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Monday, October 10, 2011


Excellent news today from Sung-Hee Choi on Jeju Island, South Korea:

3,600 Catholic clerics nationwide launched the ‘Catholics Solidarity to Realize the Jeju Peace Island,’ on Oct. 10. The mass for its launch was held in the Gangjeong port at 7pm with 1,000 clerics and followers joining. See this link for many images.

The Catholic Solidarity, centered on the Catholics Justice and Peace committee of the 14 dioceses nationwide was composed of the various clerics from convent, monasteries, human rights committee and labor groups such as the Association of Major Superiors of Women Religious in Korea, Korean Conferences of Major Superiors of Men’s Religious Institutes and Societies of Apostolic life, Catholic Priests’ Association for Justice, Catholic Human Rights Committee and Catholic Labor Pastoral Association of Korea.

The total number of the members of the Catholic Solidarity reached to 3,835 as of Oct. 10 and if additionally collected, it would exceed 4,000.

They told through its draft of the launch statement that “The stop of the naval base construction is the only way to save the peace in the Korean peninsula and Jeju Island.”

The Catholic Solidarity came to a mutual agreement for each diocese to hold mass or lecture meeting on the Jeju naval base and to visit the Gangjeong to hold life and peace mass there. It also made consent to have a large rally in Seoul in November. The discussion to organize the lay believers is also underway, as well.


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