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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Odessa Stands Up

Odessa in Ukraine has been kicked around by the Nazis and the US-NATO backed regime in Kiev for the past two years.  The May 2, 2014 massacre of at least 50 people inside the Trades Union Hall by Nazis being just one horrific example.  The appointment of former Georgia ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili (a corrupt US-stooge wanted for crimes in Georgia) as the Governor of Odessa stands as another horrific example.

Above is a video filmed in Odessa’s Alley of Glory on April 10, the day the city was liberated from German and Romanian occupiers by Soviet troops in 1944. Crowds chanted anti-fascist and anti-Banderite [Nazi nationalist from western Ukraine who joined Hitler's invasion of Russia during WW II] slogans as uniformed and plainclothes police forced the participants to take off their St George ribbons, the symbol of Russian military victory against Hitler's Army.

The people of Ukraine are stirring. They are tired of the US-NATO Kiev regime's crimes against the people. 

The US goal is to create chaos in Ukraine - right on Russia's border - as part of Washington's plan to destabilize and ultimately force regime change in Moscow.


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