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Thursday, April 28, 2016

I Like This Place

A couple of years ago MB and I rented a cabin on the ocean in New Harbor, Maine for a week.  Our friend Marian from around Boston joined us for a couple days.  We took a ferry boat one morning out to nearby Monhegan Island and spent the day walking around the fishing and artist community.

While passing through one section of woods we saw a film crew at work.  Marian said she thought one of the people with the crew was the actor Treat Williams....MB and I said, "Who the hell is Treat Williams?"  It turns out Marian was right all along and the film in the trailer above looks like an interesting one.

Just goes to show Marian is up on popular culture alot more than MB and I. Thanks to Marian for sending the trailer link to us.

The sights of Maine in the trailer are very special. 


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